Ft way featuring. That is an abbreviation frequently used in the music market to highlight every artist the contributes come a track.

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When 2 or more artists collaborate ~ above a track the main artist obtain the artist label and then the ft abbreviation follows with the various other collaborating artists. When the ft abbreviation is most commonly seen on songs it may additionally appear in concert headlines, talk mirrors with one-of-a-kind guests, and also gaming streams v multiple gamers. Special may likewise be abbreviated as feat too.


"Have friend listened come the new track by Eminem ft Dr. Dre?"

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Last Updated: July 13, 2016

2. What does FT was standing for?


Apple machine users periodically use FT to describe FaceTime, the video call software application bundled with iPhones, iPads, and also Macs. FT is most frequently used when asking who if they desire to command a FaceTime call.

For example, take into consideration the following exchange between a parent and also child:

Parent: "I don"t know exactly how to connect to the internet at this hotel. Can you help?"

Child: "Sure. You more than likely just have to pull up the Wi-Fi login. Have actually you connected to your network?"

Parent: "... What button do i click to execute that?"

Child: "It could be much easier if we simply FT."

Parent: "What"s FT?"

Child: "FaceTime, mom. I"m going to video clip call you, just a sec."

Only Apple devices have FaceTime installed, so only Apple an equipment users are most likely to use FT to mean FaceTime. If friend don"t have an Apple device and you"ve been invited to FT, you"ll have to describe that friend don"t have accessibility to FaceTime.


"Wanna FT?""Sure, offer me a minute to acquire decent."

FT allows you watch your loved ones ... Detailed you both have actually Apple devices

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Last Updated: June 3, 2021

3. What walk Ft was standing for?

For trade

FT way for trade. That is a gaming acronym provided to phone call others the a details item is easily accessible for trade.

The acronym is commonly used in gamings that feature items that can be traded, like Pokémon, with other users. It often shows up in trade topic court with noted Pokémon that the topic creator is ready to trade.

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"I got a Clefairy FT, anyone interested?"

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Last Updated: July 13, 2016

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