SAUSALITO, Calif. (KGO) -- Karen and Lindsay Leveen that Sausalito had actually been victims of bank fraud when before. So as soon as they found almost $2,000 missing from their checking account, they believed it taken place again. The real shock? recognize out who actually took your money."We to be horrified,"" Karen Leveen said. "We said, "this is like stealing."""

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They realized your money to be gone when they do the efforts to use their debit map at a retail store."They said this card won"t cover your purchase and we said, "why?" We thought they were joking." Karen Leveen recalls. "There should be many of money in there.""We had just do deposits into that account,"" Lindsay Leveen added. "Karen"s society security got in that account, mine pension.""We believed somebody had drained our financial institution account," Karen said. "We ended up being alarmed and also went to the nearest (bank) branch."A manager at bank of America evidenced someone had just withdrawn $1,956 from their account. But what really stunned castle was as soon as the financial institution manager saw his computer and found out who took it."He said, our bank took it,"" Lindsay said.It was true. Bank of America had actually just taken practically $2,000 out of their account."We to be shocked,"" Karen recalled. "We said, "why would you take it this sum of money from our account, specifically this large sum?""It turns out the bank used the money to pay off the balance ~ above the couple"s bank of America line of credit. Yet why? The couple had to be paying off the loan with automatic debits every month, and also planned to save paying.
Bank that America declared their payment setup had expired and the couple failed to renew it as forced every year."And as such it puts friend in default,"" Karen said, citing the bank"s explanation. "And they"re permitted by some fine print to take all the money that"s in her account come cover the rest of the money the you were owing."""We to be saying, "well you can"t just suddenly take (all the money),""" Lindsay said.The couple pointed out the bank had been acquisition $92 payment every month because that the previous 11 months, and also never took the 12th payment because that the year. A printout of their payments confirms just 11 payments were taken.The pair also claims they didn"t recognize they had to renew the automatic debits.The branch manager dubbed a that company office in Delaware. Lindsay claims an officer there told the he sent out certified letter notifying lock they required to upgrade the payment plan, and also tried call them however their phone had actually blocked the calls. Lindsay states they obtained no such notifications."We never ever got any kind of certified letters and also I have never blocked anybody native calling my phone,"" Lindsay said. "I was outraged. This is not the way you law a customer."The pair asked the bank to give ago their money and put them ago on the payment plan. The bank refused."So us thanked the financial institution manager and went to the Sausalito police the evening and filed a police report," Lindsay said.
"In our mind"s eye, if who is steal from, where perform you go? The police," Karen said. "We decided we were going to do a police report due to the fact that basically someone stole our money."Police turn them far saying their case amounted come a civil conflict with the bank, no a theft.Karen contacted 7 On your Side."I recognize who"s walk to execute something that"s going to be in our best interest and also that"s 7 On her Side,"" Karen said.7 On your Side contacted bank of America. The financial institution reviewed your case and agreed to regain the accumulation after all, saying: "We ascertained the the customers had actually not renewed your payment setup we functioned with them to set up a new payment schedule, and also returned the funds we had offset."Karen and also Lindsay to be relieved."We had actually a couple of days there where we were just so angry and feeling so misled ,"" Karen stated "Thanks to 7 On her Side we finished up obtaining a refund."The takeaway? through law, financial institutions do deserve to take money from her account come cover overdue payments owed to that bank. It"s dubbed a "right that offset." However, the legislation puts restrictions on acquisition certain types of accumulation -- choose retirement or society security. Bank of America states the money it took did not incorporate Karen"s social security. If you fan your bank money -- discover out what policies cause it come dip right into your accounts.Written and produced by Renee Koury

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