When discovering a brand-new language, among the most challenging things to learn is differentiating in between words who sounds and spellings are an extremely similar. A great example that this is the Spanish words ‘hay’, ‘ahí, ‘ay’ and also ‘allí’. As result of their similarities in spelling and also pronunciation, it’s common that even native Spanish speakers confuse them once writing. However, for brand-new Spanish speaker is very important to learn the difference between ‘hay’, ‘ahí’, ‘ay’ and also ‘allí’ because using one instead of the various other will adjust the an interpretation of their sentence.

So what’s the difference in between ‘hay’, ‘ahí’, ‘ay’ and also ‘ahí’? ‘Ay’ is a word that expresses different emotions such together pain or surprise. ‘Ahí’ and ‘allí’ are the Spanish words because that ‘there’. And also ‘hay’ is a verb that expresses existence, therefore, it’s a straight translation of ‘there is/are’.

Although these words’ sounds and spellings are an extremely similar, their interpretations are fairly different. However, their similarities deserve to lead civilization to make part mistakes. After ~ all, even native Spanish speakers tend to mix lock up.

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If you want to boost your Spanish, in this article we are going to help you understand the difference between ‘hay’, ‘ahí’, ‘ay’ and also ‘allí’. By the end of it, you may have the ability to give Spanish speaker a hand with these indigenous