Heard It v the Grapevine Meaning

Definition: hear something v unofficial means, often through word-of-mouth gossip.

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This idiom is a famous expression supplied throughout the English-speaking people to refer to unsubstantiated info that is passed in between people who space not straight in link with the source. The info may be true or may just be a rumor; the essential thing is that the resource is no necessarily verified and the information cannot be relied upon as being accurate.

Often, while the details may have started together true, it transforms as each person recalls just bits of the initial story, or add to their very own opinion to it.

Origin the Heard It v the Grapevine

The term ‘grapevine telegraph’ was very first published in an 1852 American dictionary to refer to the wires the a telegraph that showed up to it is in the coiled tendrils of a grapevine.

In California, the wires were actually hung on trees, i m sorry strengthened its intuitive similarity. Over there is a reference to this as early on as 1876 in The Reno evening Gazette:

“It would seem that the Indians have some mysterious means of conveying the news, prefer the well known grapevine telegraph that the negroes in the War.”

The term’s popularity boosted tenfold during the American Civil battle a te later, and people began referring come “hearing things through the grapevine” come express their skepticism at the integrity of a story that had actually been passed through the telegraph lines.

Grapevines also carry the connotation of rural poverty, and could hence indicate mouth-to-mouth gossip between people who couldn’t afford much more sophisticated technology.

Examples that Heard It with the Grapevine

Today, the expression most commonly brings to mind the famous Motown track of the very same name, very first recorded by Gladys article & the Pips and also later by Marvin Gaye in 1967 and 1968 respectively.

Perhaps the expression is not offered so lot colloquially due to the fact that we no longer wait for info to pass v a line of people, however receive it soon online.

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Regardless, the expression is widely understood and often provided as a lead-in come get more information, as in, “I heard through the grapevine the you gained a new job; how’s the going?” or “We heard with the grapevine the you were expecting; those his name?”

More Examples


To listen something through the grapevine is come hear unconfirmed information that has actually been verbally passed between people who may be unaware of the origin.