What does hugs and kisses mean?

Grandma, you’re pinching my cheeks too hard! Hugs and also kisses is an expression the love, physical and emotional affection, and also well wishes, often written together XOXO when signing turn off on a message.

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Though their use varies by culture, the plot of hugs and also kisses are old and widespread. The 2 words have actually been paired together a collection phrase because that affection because at least the 1700s. While the expression regularly literally signifies a physical screen of affection in between family members or romantic partners, hugs and kisses became typical enough to stand-in for fond and also compassionate feel in general by the late 1900s. Girlfriend know, because that those of united state that aren’t right into the PDA.


This might be due to the reality that hugs and also kisses is a acquainted sign-off, seen in the signature of a birthday map from a grandmother to a goodbye stated by a parent on the phone. When this exercise emerges isn’t precisely clear, but it is surely affected by that is symbolic shortand XOXO and also its variants.

The letter X to represent “kiss,” evidenced in letters because the 1760s though perhaps dating back to Christian customs in the middle Ages. The letter O, or “hug,” is much more obscure and not firmly uncovered until the 1960s. Technically, this method XOXO represents kisses and hugs, a less constant variant for the much more rhythmic hugs and also kisses.


Know your Meme

Since the increase of email, text-messaging, and also social media, XOXO has become a generic method to send who a warm “see ya later.” its familiarity was absolutely helped along by european cultures, whereby cheek-kissing is often used to greet and bid goodbye. Hugging, for its part, has actually a more American reputation.

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Many children’s books impart lessons of love under the title of Hugs and Kisses. Hugs and Kisses is additionally the name of a charity, among other organizations and also causes, raising funds because that cancer patients that could certainly use part love. In the romantic department, the 1978 mystery film I miss You, Hugs and also Kisses flicker the phrase’s sign-off cred while hip-hop musician heavy D rapped that hugs and also kisses in his 2008 track of the same name.