1  adj Sweet food and drink contains a the majority of sugar. ...a mug that sweet tea..., If the sauce seems too sweet, add a dash the red wine vinegar.  ♦ sweetness  n-uncount Florida oranges have a herbal sweetness.  

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2  n-count 
Sweets are tiny sweet points such together toffees, chocolates, and mints.  (BRIT) in AM, use candy  
3  n-var 
A sweet is miscellaneous sweet, such together fruit or a pudding, the you eat at the finish of a meal, particularly in a restaurant.  (BRIT) (=dessert) The sweet was a mousse flavoured through whisky.  in AM, use dessert  
4  adj 
A sweet smell is a pleasant one, for example the smell of a flower. She"d baked part bread which do the air odor sweet.  
5  adj 
If you define something such together air or water as sweet, you typical that it smells or tastes pleasantly fresh and clean. I gulped a breath of sweet air.  
6  adj 
A sweet sound is pleasant, smooth, and also gentle. Her voice was together soft and also sweet together a young girl"s., ...the sweet sound of Mozart.  ♦ sweetly  adv usu ADV with v He sang much an ext sweetly 보다 he has actually before.  
7  adj 
If you define something together sweet, you mean that it provides you good pleasure and also satisfaction. WRITTEN, Antonym: bitter There are few things rather as sweet together revenge.  
8  adj 
If you describe someone as sweet, you typical that they space pleasant, kind, and also gentle towards other people. How sweet that you come think the me!  ♦ sweetly  adv usu ADV v v I just smiled sweetly and said no.  
9  adj 
If you explain a little person or point as sweet, you median that they space attractive in a straightforward or unsophisticated way. INFORMAL (=cute) ...a sweet small baby girl..., The house was really sweet.  
boiled sweet 
  (boiled sweets plural )Boiled sweets are hard sweets that are made native boiled sugar.  (BRIT)  n-count in AM, use tough candy  
sweet and also sour 
 , sweet-and-sour Sweet and sour is supplied to describe Chinese food that consists of both a sweet flavour and also something spicy or sour such as lemon or vinegar.  adj ADJ n 
sweet nothings  If who whispers sweet nothings to you, they quietly say nice, loving, and also flattering points to you.  n-plural 
sweet pea   (sweet peas plural ), sweetpea A sweet pea is a climbing plant which has actually delicate, sweet-smelling flowers.  n-count 
sweet pepper   (sweet peppers plural )A sweet pepper is a hollow green, red, or yellow vegetable.  n-count (=capsicum) 
sweet potato   (sweet potatoes plural )Sweet potatoes are vegetables that look like huge ordinary potatoes but taste sweet. They have pinkish-brown skins and yellow flesh.  n-var 
sweet shop   (sweet shops plural ), sweetshop A sweet shop is a little shop the sells sweets and also cigarettes, and also sometimes newspapers and also magazines.  (BRIT)  n-count oft the N in AM, usage candy store  
sweet talk 
  (sweet talks 3rd human being present) (sweet talking present participle) (sweet talked past it is too dirty & previous participle ), sweet-talk If you sweet speak someone, you talk to them an extremely nicely so that they will carry out what friend want.  verb She could constantly sweet-talk Pamela into letting her remain up late...  V n into -ing/n He also tried to sweet-talk the policewoman who arrested him.  V n 

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