I"ve got nothing versus advertising, yet I do have a beef with just how many poor ads there are on TV.

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(Cambridge Dictionary)

Is it much more British or us in usage? however mostly, wherein does this "beef" come from?

OED doesn"t have much in the way of definite data:

noun4. A protest, (ground for) complaint, grievance. slang (orig. U.S.). Cf. beef v. 4.

1900 G. Ade Fables in Slang 80 the made a awful Beef due to the fact that he couldn"t acquire Loaf Sugar for his Coffee.

verb4. intr. to complain, grumble, protest. slang (orig. U.S.).

1888 N.Y. World 13 may (Farmer), He"ll beef an" kick like a command an" let on that won"t never wear "em.

It would show up that cattle were well-known for gift ornery and not fear to complain about something they didn"t like, and the hatchet beef moved to have that meaning.

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Since the term is slang, and also pretty modern, it"s unlikely that there is something written around the etymology the "beef".

Based top top the limited information the end there, it appears to have emerged from gang, street, or rap societies in the united States. Most commonly it is used as a term for a fight, to start a fight, to have a reason for a fight, etc. As in, "don"t start a beef through me since I will certainly win."

There seems to be genuine roots in the secret rap/hip hop cultures, whereby rappers or artists would use "beef" to describe the laboratory battles the they would have.

If I had to endeavor a guess, I would certainly say that the term developed from the resemblance of your challenge after a street fight and also ground beef, bloody and also torn up.

Source: Pure speculation.

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