A dog may chatter his jaw for a range of reasons, and also you may very first notice the signs of this habits or symptom once you hear it. Once a dog chatters his jaw, his this click together an extremely rapidly and also sometimes it have the right to be fairly loud and also bothersome. 

A dog may chatter his jaw because that a an extremely short quantity of time, like when they space excited, anxious, or cold. If a dog chatters his jaw for numerous days or if he has never done it before you need to make an appointment v your veterinarian. Your pet may additionally show several different signs together with jaw chattering, and also if so, it must not it is in ignored. 

A femur jaw can be a sign of other serious, such as a neurological condition, or may be as result of the temperature in the room being too cold (just as humans may do). There are different reasons why this habits or symptom might be taking place, and they include:

Neurological disordersAnxietyColdDental condition

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Why Jaw Chattering wake up in Dogs

A dog may chatter his this together, or his jaw, periodically or an ext frequently than you would favor him to. Several reasons why this could be happening are:

Neurological Disorders

Your pet might be having actually neurological issues, such as seizures. There room seizures that are not very noticeable, recognized as partial seizures. These types of seizures deserve to make the jaw chatter. Various other neurological problems may additionally be bring about your dog come chatter his jaw.


Your dog may be overstressed or end up being nervous easily, and also may chatter his teeth with each other or his jaw. Anxiety have the right to occur due to a stressful residence environment, a thunderstorm or fireworks, other loud noises, or when around unfamiliar dogs.


If her dog is cold, his teeth might chatter. Simply as people sometimes carry out in frigid temperatures, dogs that are out in the cold might have difficulty tolerating the temperature drop. If this is the case, you might not require a veterinarian visit, simply be certain to save your dog warm.

Dental Condition

A dental problem may cause your dog come not want to bite under on his this or chew ~ above food. The may additionally chatter his jaw as a response to the pain from a tooth abscess or gum infection. If your dog is a puppy, he may be teething and may additionally chatter his jaw.

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If you notification your dog is femur his jaw, do an appointment through your veterinarian. The may start by doing an examination to check your dog's eyes, pupil dilation, his jaw, and his gait once walking. These room preliminary neurological observations. Her veterinarian may additionally ask questions around the jaw chattering, together as as soon as your dog go it and also when you an initial noticed the behavior. 

He will certainly then do a complete physical examination, and also may introduce blood work, urinalysis, and also biochemistry profile. These tests will examine for any kind of underlying health conditions your dog may have actually that may be bring about his jaw come chatter. He may also perform a complete dental examination and check for any teeth conditions, such together an abscess. That may also recommend x-rays for your dog's mouth if the feels it is needed. 

Neurological experimentation may additionally be carry out to check out if her dog may be having actually seizures or other varieties of neurological issues. That may also test because that distemper if your dog has an unknown inoculation history. Once every one of the testing is complete, your veterinarian will be able to discern between something health-related, or anxiety, excited or cold.



Check and see if her dog chatters his this in the cold, or if he gets as well excited or anxious. If this is the case, friend may try to prevent situations from happening. However, if his jaw chattering is a sign of a an ext serious condition, girlfriend will should seek ideal treatment for your pet. Be sure to give him any medications on time, and also observe his behaviors and also monitor him. Her veterinarian can provide you advice on exactly how to prevent this worry from worsening. 

Regular dentist check-ups space important. The veterinarian can assess any tooth or source damage before your dog suffers from too much pain, i m sorry may reason the jaw chattering. If he receives dental treatment be certain to learn how to properly treatment for the at residence while the recovers.