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OTHER WORDS native smirk

smirker, nounsmirk·ing·ly, adverbun·smirk·ing, adjectiveun·smirk·ing·ly, adverb

A smirk is a kind of smile, yet it’s not a friendly smile—it’s often a sarcastic or arrogant one or one it is intended to provoke or wake up the person who look at it.

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Smirk is likewise a verb that way to laugh in together a way. Civilization often smirk to present contempt because that someone or something—such together by smirking in ~ a human being who’s upset at them.

Sometimes, though, the word merely refers come a sort of slight laugh or a smile that looks like a smirk commonly does—a baby might smirk, for example, clearly without definition anything by it.

Example: Wipe the smirk off your face and also take this seriously!

Where does smirk come from?

The first records that smirk come from before 900. It comes from the Old English smearcian, i beg your pardon is related to the Old English smer, meaning “derision.” It’s additionally related to the Old High German indigenous bismer, “contempt,” and also bismerōn, “to scorn.”

A smirk doesn’t commonly look prefer a actual smile, since it isn’t. Civilization smile as result of happiness or amusement, yet a smirk is frequently a weaponized smile. Human being usually smirk because they’re do the efforts to annoy someone, specifically a human being who’s currently upset. Human being sometimes smirk at the human who is scolding castle to show that they’re really no taking it seriously. Together a smirk is frequently intended to suggest that the human who’s doing the scolding can not really carry out anything about it, and also that amuses the smirking person. The expression “wipe that smirk off her face” is frequently used in response to cases like this.

A smirk can also indicate the someone is smug or self-satisfied. Some people smirk every the time because they watch everything and also everyone else together a joke—which is another way of saying that they’re contemptuous.

But not only jerks smirk.

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much less commonly, a smirk might be a slight smile, like the kind you gain when you think of something funny in a setup where you do not do it be laughing or smiling to yourself.