Neck kiss, a kiss on the cheek, forehead kiss… there space so countless variations that a kiss, and while several of them are straightforward to interpret, others are much more complex.

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A hand kiss is one of those gestures the convey a many of hidden meanings!

Hand kissing is no something we encounter every day. The is much more of a vintage gesture that just a couple of brave people are still practicing also today (or must I say, in these modern times).

Having someone kiss your hand evokes a vast array of different emotions from emotion special and also flattered come feeling very awkward about it (I’m no sure, however I think ns belong come the latter).

Every single one of united state sees a hand kiss differently because it is no much longer something that is renowned or supposed from someone.

Even despite it is no something trendy, friend still can experience the magic (or awkwardness) the this vintage gesture.

When (and if) the happens, you will probably feel perplexed (like myself) and you will need some answers from the universe. I may not be the universe in itself, but I think I can also help you v this one.

Regardless if you’re just a random human being interested in this distinctive gesture or you’re here purposefully encouraged by recent or potential future events, here’s every little thing you must know about the hand kiss, that origins, and its possible meanings!

The background Behind A Hand Kiss


It’s not really easy to trace the very first references of a hand kiss due to the fact that it was omnipresent at that time.

However, among the earliest referrals is discovered in Homer’s The Illiad (written in the 8th century): “I have actually steeled myself together no man yet has ever before steeled himself prior to me, and have increased to my lips the hand the him who slew my son.”

Also, the is stated that a hand-kissing gesture originated in the Spanish courts and also Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth of the 17th and 18th centuries.

It is still occasionally practiced in central and eastern Europe, special, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, Romania and Austria). In 1979, the new York Times composed a piece about this gesture wherein they confirmed all of that.

All in all, a hand kiss was considered as a respectful and chivalrous way for a gentleman when greeting a lady. Traditionally, a woman would market her hand to a gentleman come kiss.

Interestingly, the lady offering her hand to be either intended to re-superstructure the same social status as the male kissing her hand or be of a greater social standing than him.

A hand kiss to be a gesture that politeness and also courtesy, and refusing an offered hand was thought about rude.

Hand-kissing began to vanish in the 20th century.


This practice is no much longer trending, yet it is replaced by 2 alternatives: a an excellent old handshake and also a kiss on the cheek.

In this day and also age, the hand-kiss has many different connotations from a religious gesture to a romantic gesture (expressing emotionally attraction in a traditional way).

Sometimes, the gesture is taken as a mockery.

I remember once one man kissed mine hand, and also every time i think about it, ns vividly relive that awkwardly special moment in my head.

I’ll be ethical with you, in ~ first, I believed it to be a mockery for this reason I immediately started laughing, but to mine surprise, the didn’t laugh.

At the moment, I had no idea just how to interpret what had just happened, so ns just made decision to forget around it.But, given that I’m an overthinker by nature, i thought about that hand-kissing event for job afterward.

My factor was convincing me the he was simply kidding, but my feel were informing me the it was much more than that.

After law my research on a hand-kiss, ns realized the it to be a chivalrous gesture and that the was additionally waiting for an ext hints indigenous me to provide him the green light to expand his kissing attempt.

If friend have had actually a similar experience and you’re not really sure how to interpret it, listed below you’ll uncover all the feasible meanings behind it (and more)!

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5 meanings Behind Hand Kissing

A chivalrous gesture


Remember all those hand-kissing scenes in enlarge movies? A gentleman would kiss a woman’s hand together a authorize of ultimate respect and devotion.

This to be a timeless greeting in between opposite genders at social gatherings.

Even despite we typically laugh at this gesture top top the tiny screens, i bet the majority of us covertly wish come go ago in time and live in the vintage era the old-school affection.

Before, world were overly excited about the fact that they just kissed a lady’s hand, whereas today, nothing is spiritual anymore.

Modern times have lugged us many advantages, but have additionally taken a lot indigenous us.

In the past, the was practically impossible to take someone because that granted due to the fact that social norms required everyone to behave in a respectful way, be patient, and appreciate the genuine beauty of a person (not the one advocated on society media).

If you’re a woman reading this, I have actually a inquiry for you. If a male kisses your hand once meeting you because that the very first time, would you classify him together a hopeless romantic or a creep? Hmm…

A diplomatic gesture


If you’ve watched the movie, The Godfather, you most likely remember that there was some hand-kissing, right?

I vividly mental the scene of some male kissing Don Vito Corleone’s hand as a authorize of loyalty and also ultimate trust.

You can see the thin amount the respect in the guy’s eyes as he was approaching to kiss his hand.

This is a pure instance of a diplomatic gesture. In this case, hand-kissing is not seen as a romantic gesture, however it is a means of expressing your allegiance to an decisive individual.

This could additionally be a monk or someone else who is vital and dominant figure.

A parting gesture


Sometimes, the plot of hand-kissing is interpreted as a parting gesture. Let’s say that you’re on a date with who you yes, really like, you’re having a an excellent time, and also then comes the sad part – the end of your meeting.

He’s looking you deep in the eye and also you’re laugh shyly together he’s taking your hand come kiss that softly. Sometimes, words are totally unnecessary, and also this is just one of those situations.

By kissing her hand, he’s letting you understand that he had actually a good time v you, the he likes you A LOT, and also that he desire to see you again.

If your man does this, he’s a real gentleman. Seriously. And, I’m yes, really jealous. Perform you know why?Because such guys are genuine gems.

They room not among those men who are only interested in gaining into your pants, yet they embrace your personality, your smile, your eyes, etc.

They are not superficial or chasing fake ideals, but they know the genuine value of the small things.

Respect for the elderly


Kissing an elderly person’s hand is, in some cultures, thought about as a sign of respect come them. This exercise is well-known in Arabic countries like Indonesia, Turkey, and Brunei.

In the Philippines, after an elderly human is greeted this way, the greeter color etc the hand come his very own forehead in stimulate to get blessings from an yonsei person.

This is a common means of greeting elderly people of both genders (parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, teachers, etc.).

This gesture reminds me that the ide of agape love (the most an effective love in the universe) that promotes to express respect and love for nature, God, humanity, animals, and all of life ~ above earth.

A religious gesture


A hand-kiss can additionally be a spiritual gesture. This gesture has notable importance in the roman inn Catholic Church.

When meeting critical figure in the roman inn Catholic culture (the Pope, a Cardinal, or similar), one requirements to kneel under on your left knee and kiss the priest together a sign of devotion and also respect.

After that, the monk blesses the human by laying his hands on them.

In Orthodox churches, rather of kneeling under on the left knee, the devotees have tendency to advanced their appropriate hand.

Then, the priest blesses the human by place his hand top top the devotee’s open palm, so that they deserve to kiss his hand. This act symbolizes kissing the body of Jesus Christ.

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What does It average When A man Kisses her Hand In This Day and Age?

He desires to be her lover


If a male kisses your hand, it’s organic that you immediately ask you yourself the following: Is that interested in me? Well, if us were life in time of vintage courtesy, we more than likely wouldn’t overthink it much.

In this day and also age, one of the main reasons why a man kisses a lady’s hand is since he’s interested in you! This is among those subtle signs he likes you.

Indeed, there’s no a chance that a male would decision to kiss any type of woman’s hand for no reason.

I’ll repeat it again: We’re not living in times when this was thought about a norm, however it has come to be a selection that poses a question:

Did he choose to kiss your hand since he privately wishes come be your lover?So romantic.

He’s poking fun at this vintage gesture


He might be poking funny at this vintage gesture. If he laughs when doing it, then opportunities are he’s just making funny of this gesture.

He look at kissing a woman’s hand together something ridiculous since it’s no longer trending, for this reason he chooses to sarcastically point that the end to friend (and probably others as well).

Truth it is in told, in time of selfies, society networks, and other modern-day captors (I choose to call them so), an wait kiss is a much more popular alternative to kissing hands.

Recently, I saw a video clip clip where a young woman and also man are making funny of the hand-kissing gesture, which just confirms all the over said.

He’s a actual gentleman


Regardless if he’s 20 or 50 year old, if a guy kisses your hand (and you’re certain that it’s not a mockery), know that he’s a actual gentleman!

The thing is, such a romantic gesture is really rare, which just adds come its value.

I remember once one of mine friends go on a date, came earlier home, and also texted me: OMG this young guy is a real gentleman! ​​

When i asked her just how she concluded that, I meant her to say something favor He hosted my hand in public, however instead, she claimed this: He kissed mine hand.

Well, yes, if that kissed mine hand, i would most likely ask him to marry me the same 2nd out of fear that together a male has come to be extinct.

And, he would more than likely refuse me the same 2nd out of fear that I’m a no hope woman. Well, perhaps I am.

He wants much more hints from girlfriend to proceed with his romantic endeavors


I think the there’s no have to say that men have the right to sometimes be really sneaky, yet in a romantic way.

They are constantly testing our boundaries, hoping the their strategies will be afflicted with fruit and aid them victory that one girl castle can’t stop thinking about.

Sometimes, a male will kiss her hand just to check out if girlfriend will give him some ideas that the should proceed kissing you, ahem, someplace else.

I need to say the whoever believed of this is in reality brilliant!

Even though I’m a mrs myself and also I can’t stand such sneaky games, this one is interesting since it’s not forceful; it offers you a choice to provide him the environment-friendly light or ask him to retreat.

Needless come say how difficult it is to ask a man to retreat as soon as he’s offering you the look (girls will know which one), i guess this is where you understand your self-control.

We don’t want them come think that we’re easy prey, right?This contemporary dating is getting much more and an ext complicated.

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He’s shy and also doesn’t desire to sirloin anything


Yes, hand kissers are genuine gentlemen, however sometimes, the genuine reason why they decision to kiss your hand is the they’re shy and also want to take things slow.

Dating a embarrassy guy can be frustrating at moment (especially if you’re an extrovert), yet when you get to know him better, you will realize how unique he important is.

Once they begin feeling comfortable roughly you, you will certainly be surprised at every their skills from conversational to romantic gestures.

He’s mesmerized by her personality


More than anything in the world, i respect guys who know exactly how to worth a woman’s personality and not just her looks.

I mean, anyone can compliment her hair or speak something nice about your outfit, however only a couple of men (read: actual men) know how to take on your personality.

If a guy kisses your hand, know that he’s completely mesmerized by your distinctive personality, monster habits, sense of humor, you name it.

You can be sure that the doesn’t only an alert your physical aspect, yet he watch you together a entirety person.

He look at you together every man should check out a woman. HOWEVER, keep in mind the true love is much more than kisses and also sweet words.

He’s deep emotionally attracted towards you


When a male kisses her hand, this is a solid indicator that him being emotionally attractive to you. It way he’s interested in understanding all your fears, dreams, and desires.

The an ext he learns around you, the an ext he feels connected with you. By kissing her hand, he expresses all the (and more).

He knows the hand-kissing is among those distinctive romantic gestures that speak louder 보다 words.

So, girl, if you ever before meet together a man during your life, stick to him! such a guy will no take you because that granted, play you, or do whatever else is left on the perform of a modern-day man illustrated as a player.

He desires to show his affection towards you


Oftentimes, a male kissing your hand is no something the you have to overthink due to the fact that it is just a sign of his affection towards you.

Perhaps he’s no really great with words, or he finds them superfluous, and also that is why he choose this romantic gesture.

I’ve noticed the contrary come young women, older females seem to no overthink lot when they’re hand-kissed.

There are numerous reasons behind this hypothesis and the most common one is the fact that older females are much less likely come think the it as a mockery.

Regardless if you’re one older woman or a teenage girl, if a guy kisses your hand in this day and age, that is usually seen as an expression of ultimate affection.

Final Thoughts


In instance this hand-kiss theory appears too complex for you, here’s my humble advice: Don’t overthink things.

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It’s a little bit funny because that me to create that since I’m the can be fried overthinker in ~ everything, but for the services of your well-being, don’t perform that.

If a guy kisses her hand at part point, expropriate it together a token the respect and also affection (just favor in old times). Don’t think too much around it, yet appreciate the unique moment and magic the this vintage gesture!