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Arabic spelling (How to write Kareem in Arabic)كَرِيْمQuranic Nature(Learn more...)Directly MentionedAlternate order of KareemKarim Karym Karime Karimme Carim Careem Kereim Kerem Kerim Kereym Keriym Kereeim Keriem Kereeym Kereem
Abdul AkramAbdul KarimAkramAmatul AkramAmatul KareemKaarimKaarimaKaramKaramKaramahKaramullahKareemKareemaKarmanKarramKarrumKiramKuraimanKuramKuramMakramMakramahMakramullahMakrimiMakrumahMukairimMukairimanMukarramMukarramahTakreemTakreemZulikram

Meaning of Kareem

Kareem is a straight Quranic name for boys that method “generous”, “honorable”, “kindhearted”, “noble”, “excellent”. Words Kareem is used about 27 time in the Quran

it is they, lock who are truly believers! Theirs candlestick be great dignity in your Sustainer’s sight, and also forgiveness of sins, and also a most excellent sustenance. (Quran 8:4)

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My brother’s name is Karim and also my cousin’s name is Karim. Mine aunt was gonna contact him Bilal however then she preferred Karim instead

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