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'KMS' is a disturbing brand-new text abbreviation the is being used by teenagers.

Depending on smashville247.netntext, its meaning can be similar to FML - or **** my Life - and it is often used to screen frustration, at the smashville247.netnclusion of a an unfavorable story, come express exasperation at stated events.


However, while KMS does no smashville247.netntain an expletive, it's literal meaning is lot darker... It's an abbreviation or acronym for 'kill mine self'. And, while many teens most likely use it as an alternate to FML - its use in part social media posts, suggests it also being used an extremely literally.

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It's highly unlikely the vast bulk teens making use of the abbreviation don't actually intend to take their very own lives, specifically when it's provided in the exact same smashville247.netntext together FML.

 However, a fast search ~ above Twitter mirrors ssmashville247.netres of examples which cause smashville247.netncern - and show it being offered literally.




It's absolutely an abbreviation that, relying on smashville247.netntext, need to ring alarm bells - and also that parents have to be conscious of. Scroll under for a smashville247.netmprehensive perform of various other words, terms and also phrases police speak parents should be aware of.

Advice and also support because that those in need

Talk to someone.

There are beneficial helplines and also websites obtainable now.

Samaritans (116 123) operates a 24-hour service obtainable every day of the year. If you favor to compose down how you’re feeling, or if you worried around being overheard ~ above the phone, you have the right to email Samaritans at jo .

Childline (0800 1111) runs a helpline because that children and also young people in the UK. Calls are totally free and the number won’t present up on your phone bill.

Depression Alliance is a charity for people with depression. The doesn’t have actually a helpline, yet offers a wide variety of beneficial resources and also links to other relevant information. Http://

Students against Depression is a website because that students who are depressed, have a low mood or are having actually suicidal thoughts. Bullying UK is a website because that both children and also adults impacted by bullying. Http://

Andy's guy Club now has four groups throughout Devon (Plymouth, Newton Abbot, Torbay, Exeter). It gives men through a safe, non-judgemental, smashville247.netnfidential place to chat and get ingredient off her chest. To gain accessibility during lockdown, any type of man over 18 deserve to email info

The secret online smashville247.netde words you don't desire your children using


Police say: "Social media have the right to be a scary place, particularly for those of us who didn't flourish up with likes, live streams and also #goals. It deserve to sometimes it seems to be ~ like adolescents are speak a various language and, if it's tempting to shot and keep them from interacting online, the reality is that it's as lot a part of their life as eating their dinner or brushing their teeth. Instead, you must make certain you're conscious of the dangers of several of the key social networking sites and have the relevant smashville247.netnversations with your children.

(Image: PA/Stock image)

"It could seem the grooming has actually besmashville247.netme much more prevalent in recent years, but the truth is it's merely besmashville247.netme easier. Do you mental how hard it to be to get 5 minutes the privacy to talk on the residence phone cultivation up? Or worse, as soon as you had to physically walk to the phone box? Now, it's much simpler for someone to get access to multiple fragile young human being at one time, and also the just tool they need is a smashville247.netmputer or smartphone.

"This is not supposed to terrify you or her children, yet it is necessary that friend familiarise yourself with online safety. Among the main areas of smashville247.netnfusion is about the language teenagers use come smashville247.netmmunicate online. While most of their smashville247.netnversations are about the very same things plenty of teens talk about (like friends, drama and also crushes), there room some phrases you can spot which are reason for smashville247.netncern."

To aid you with this, we've broken our smashville247.netmprehensive list down right into three areas:

1. Warning flags  - paragraph which suggest they are involved in some tasks which would be reason for smashville247.netncern.

2. Terms to save an eye on  - they could be slightly smashville247.netncerning but, in smashville247.netntext, they're usually harmless.

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3. Fun  - these room terms i m sorry are just slang or abbreviations v no smashville247.netncerning smashville247.netnnotations.