lifetime Movie Network (LMN) has actually been about since the 90s. A spin-off the the famous women’s network, Lifetime, LMN provides movies that have been created TV and also TV reflects that would appeal to an ext female-centric audiences. Some popular shows come come from lifetime Movie Network encompass Devious Maids, Betty White’s Off their Rockers, the Little Women reality collection and spin-offs, and UnREAL.

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While lifetime Movie Network is a cable network, if you’re a cord cutter, there is hope! girlfriend don’t need to miss your favorite mirrors or movie from LMN many thanks to the life time Movie Network live stream. Our guide will tell girlfriend the streaming solutions that you deserve to use come watch lifetime Movie Network digital without cable!

Watch the lifetime Movie Network Live present on DIRECTV NOW


Another organization offering the life time Movie Network live present is DIRECTV NOW. You’ll have the ability to watch every the reflects on life time Movie Network using the DIRECTV NOW just Right package, which expenses $50/month. You receive over 75 networks including Disney, Nickelodeon, nationwide Geographic, Food Network, ESPN, AMC, and A&E. Friend can include HBO to your package for simply $5/month. Watch all of these great channels and more using streaming devices like Chromecast and Apple TV. If you want to watch regional channels, castle are available on-demand throughout the country, and in live present in cities choose Minneapolis, Tampa, Chicago and Hartford.

Want to watch life time Movie Network virtual free? Make certain to check out the DIRECTV NOW totally free weeklong trial!

Find out much more about DIRECTV currently in our DIRECTV currently review, a considerable guide for every little thing DIRECTV currently related!

Add the Sling TV way of living Bundle to clock the lifetime Movie Network Live Stream


Sling TV is a popular choice amongst cord cutters. Component of the factor that for this reason many human being love this company is the price. Rather of payment too lot for cable, with Sling TV friend can gain over 30 networks that you in reality watch for simply $20/month. The Sling TV networks lineup consists of AMC, CNN, A&E, HGTV, TNT, ESPN, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, and also Food Network. You have the right to watch Sling TV using:

RokuAmazon Fire TVApple TVChromecastComputersMobile Devices

If you want to include additional networks such as HBO or small bundle packs, you can! This is a good way come add much more to her package without spending a many money. The way of living Extra load is easily accessible for $5. Not only does it add the life time Movie Network live stream, it has E!, VH1, DIY, FYI, Oxygen, Hallmark Channel, us tv, and several other channels. Sling TV even has a limited on-demand library, therefore you have the right to watch points after they’ve already aired. No more having to miss out on your favorite shows!

A 7-day attempt is available to all brand-new members of Sling TV. ~ your free week, you can either cancel and also not salary a thing or you have the right to keep her package and also enjoy your favorite reflects as long as girlfriend want. Member specials room often available to sweeten the deal, so don’t miss out ~ above those!


Sign up because that the Orange or Blue Sling TV packages, or acquire them both to access 50+ channels. Usage the add-ons come customize your streaming experience!

fuboTV may have started out together a way for sports fans to watch details sporting events, however it definitely has developed into something more. You deserve to watch the life time Movie Network on fuboTV for starting at $35/month. You obtain 44+ networks in the basic package, and also you can add on bundles that cost in between $3 and also $13, to include even much more to your package. Local channels are available, although most people will just receive castle in on-demand format the work after lock air. Stations you receive with the base package encompass BTN, SyFy, NBA TV, Oxygen, CNBC, Revolt, Sprout, fyi, and also A&E. Watch fuboTV ~ above a an option of tools including mobile devices, Chromecast, Roku, and also Apple TV!

fuboTV provides a totally free trial because that you to check out the organization without having actually to invest a dime! you should check out the fuboTV review, as we’ve compiled every the details you will require to find out if the company is ideal for you!

Enjoy the largest selection of live sporting activities content! gain 100+ channels with as much as 500 hours of online cloud DVR storage and the option to currently on multiple gadgets simultaneously.

Thanks come the Amazon Prime channels selection, Amazon element users deserve to now include the life time Movie club channel because that $3.99 a month, through the very first week free. If you’re currently a element user, this is a great addition to your package and also eliminates the require for extr streaming services, if you’re just hoping to watch life time Movie Network online.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, it’s worth considering. You acquire plenty of available options come create whole entertainment suite. If you favor to read, you will obtain both e-books and also audiobooks as component of your membership. You can likewise up her membership to receive even an ext books. Music fans will have accessibility to thousands of playlists and millions of complimentary songs with Amazon Music. TV shows and movies space on insanity via Amazon prime Video. In enhancement to TV and also movies, Prime initial shows and films are additionally included. These incorporate films prefer Manchester by the Sea and also shows choose Transparent. Oh, and free 2-day shipping is still included!

So, exactly how much does the cost? The annual membership fee is $99. This breaks down (when you perform the math) to less than $9 a month. The course, no everyone has actually $100 ~ above hand, for this reason they offer monthly memberships, too. If you desire the whole membership, it’s $11 a month and it’s $9 if you simply want element Video. Every membership species come v a totally free 30-day trial. You deserve to tack ~ above numerous networks to your package indigenous HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Lifetime Movie Network. After ~ your totally free 7-day trial, you’ll be charged $3.99 to watch life time Movie club each month in your Prime membership. This will provide you on-demand accessibility to a variety of shows and movies indigenous LMN.

You have the right to watch Prime video on gaming consoles prefer Xbox, iOS and Android devices, computers, Chromecast, Roku, and also even smart TVs. If you want to discover more, feel complimentary to look to our Amazon Prime video clip review. And also don’t forget you’ve obtained a one-month trial wait for you!

With Amazon Prime, get accessibility to an extensive library that on-demand movies and also shows, and additional entertainment through Amazon Channels.

Any Other ways to watch the LMN Live Stream?

There room not currently any other choices if you want to clock the LMN live stream. As brand-new services, such as Hulu’s Live company or VIDGO are released, they might offer lifetime Movie Network streaming as part of their package. If castle do, we’ll be sure to upgrade this because that you.

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Did you discover a place to watch life time Movie Network online without cable? If not, you have the right to ask any questions you have actually in our comments.