a note or stroke lengthy in proportion come its breadth, made v a pen, pencil, tool, etc., ~ above a surface: a line under the center of the page.

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Mathematics. A continuous extent of length, right or curved, there is no breadth or thickness; the map of a moving point.
a number of persons stand one behind the other and waiting their transforms at or because that something; queue.
something the same, similar thing a traced line, as a band of color, a seam, or a furrow: present of stratification in rock.
an indication of demarcation; boundary; limit: the county line; a well line between right and also wrong.
Usually lines. The words of an actor's component in a drama, musical comedy, etc.: to practice one's lines.
a mechanism of windy conveyances, as buses or trains, plying regularly over a fixed route: the northbound line at State Street.
a item of pertinent or helpful information (usually adhered to by on): I've acquired a heat on a an excellent used car.
a collection of generations that persons, animals, or plants descended native a typical ancestor: a heat of kings.
Informal. A setting of conversation, especially one that is glib or exaggeration in bespeak to admire or influence another person: He really handed her a line about his affluent relatives.
lines, the outer kind or proportions of a ship, building, etc.: a ship of well lines. A basic form, together of an occasion or something that is made, which may be the basis of comparison, imitation, etc.: two publications written along the exact same lines. A person's lot of or portion: to endure the difficult lines of poverty.Chiefly British. A certificate that marriage.
Fine Arts. a note made by a pencil, brush, or the like, that defines the contour of a shape, forms hatching, etc. The leaf of a shape.
Telecommunications. a telephone connection: Please hold the line. A wire circuit connecting two or much more pieces of electric apparatus, specifically the wire or wires connecting clues or train station in a telegraph or phone call system, or the system itself.
a share of commercial items of the same general class however having a selection of styles, sizes, prices, or quality: the company's heat of shoes.
Bridge. A line on a score sheet the separates points score toward game (below the line ) indigenous points scored by setting a contract, having actually honors, etc. (above the line ).
Music. Any kind of of the straight, horizontal, parallel strokes that the staff, or one placed over or below the staff.
Military. a protective position or front. A collection of fortifications: the Maginot line.Usually lines. a distribution of troops, sentries, etc., for the defense that a place or for an attack: behind the enemy's lines. The human body of personnel constituting the combatant pressures of an army, as differentiated from the supply services and also staff corps.
that part of an governmental organization consisting of persons actively engaged on a offered project.Compare staff1 (def. 4).
Slang. A small quantity of cocaine i ordered it in the type of a slim thread or line, together for sniffing.
Also ligne . A unit equal to 1/40 (0.025) customs (0.64 millimeter), because that measuring the diameter the buttons.
Angling. A length of nylon, silk, linen, cord, or the like, to which are attached the leader, hook, sinker, float, etc.
the betting odds developed by bookmakers for events not extended by pari-mutuel betting, especially sporting events, as football or basketball.
Fencing. Any kind of of the four departments of the portion of a fencer's body on which a touch can be scored, taken together an area of assault or defense.
Insurance. a course or form of insurance: casualty line. The amount of insurance created for a specific risk.
to take a place in a line; selection (often followed by up): to heat up before the begin of a parade.
to lay out verbally or in writing; synopsis (often followed by out): We adhered to the plan he had actually lined out.
line out, Baseball. To be placed out by hitting a line drive captured on the fly by a player of the opposing team. Come execute or perform: the lined out a couple of songs upon request.

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bring / come / get into line, to end up being or cause to end up being straight, together in a row: The members of the marching band acquired into line. To conform or reason to conform or agree: they were convinced to come right into line v the party's policy.
cross the line, to go past accepted requirements of behavior: His outburst overcome the line between heated argument and offensive vilification.Sometimes overcome a border .
down the line, in every ways; thoroughly; fully: It's a fine house right down the line—well-built, roomy, attractive. In the future.
draw the line, to impose a restriction; limit: They might exaggerate however would attract the line at fully lying.
go increase in one's lines, Theater. To forget one's part during a performance.Also British, go up ~ above one's lines.
hold the line, to keep the standing quo, particularly in order come forestall unfavorable developments: We're do the efforts to hold the heat on prices.
in line, in alignment; straight. In conformity or agreement. In regulate (of one's conduct): to store one's temper in line. Prepared; ready. Waiting one behind the various other in a queue: There to be eight civilization in line at the teller's window.
in the line of duty, in the execution the the duties belong to part occupation, especially with regard come the responsibility for life and death: a policeman wounded in the heat of duty.Also in heat of duty.
lay it on the line, Informal. to offer money; pay. To provide the compelled information; speak directly or frankly: I'm going to prevent being polite and lay it on the line.
off line, occurring or functioning far from one assembly line, work process, etc. Not in operation; no functioning.
on a line, Baseball. (of a batted or thrown ball) with the waiting in an about straight heat from the point of affect or delivery: fight on a line between 3rd and short; thrown in on a heat from the facility fielder.
on line, ~ above or part of an assembly line: manufacturing will be enhanced when the brand-new welding tools is on line. In or right into operation: The manufacturing infrastructure will be on line before November.Computers. Proactively linked come a computer: The printer is no yet ~ above line.
on the line, Informal. being risked or placed in jeopardy; in a breakable position: our prestige and honor room on the line. Immediately; readily: payment cash on the line.
out that line, no in a directly line. In disagreement through what is embraced or practiced.Informal. Impertinent; presumptuous: the last comment was the end of line.
read in between the lines, to recognize the unexpressed yet implied meaning of something said or written: she letter sound cheerful enough, however I check out a particular sadness between the lines.
toe the line / mark, come conform strictly to a rule, command, etc. Come shoulder responsibilities; do one's duty: the tried hard to toe the heat on the new job.
First recorded before 1000; middle English li(g)ne “cord, rope, stroke, series, guiding rule,” partly from Old French ligne, at some point from Latin līnea, noun use of feminine the līneus “flaxen” (originally applied to string), tantamount to līn(um) “flax” + -eus adjective suffix, and also partly proceeding Old English līne “string, row, series,” native Latin, together above; check out line2, -eous
First recorded in 1350–1400; center English verb linen, lyne(n), derivative of lin(e) “linen, flax,” Old English līn, native Latin līnum “flax (plant, thread, cloth)”

A line is a mark or stroke that is longer than the is wide. A line is additionally a heat of civilization or things or a variety of people stand one in former of the other. Words line has numerous other senses as a noun and a verb.

A basic line each other an uppercase i or a small letter L. In stimulate to attract a line through a pencil, girlfriend would relocate the pencil indigenous a starting point in one direction for a 2nd or two and also then stop. A line is a an easy shape the we use for countless purposes. Lines space usually presume to it is in straight, and we use the term curve or curved line to refer to lines that room not straight.

Real-life examples: We paint lines top top the roads and also highways to separate lanes. Our English letters are made the lines and curves. Most notebook file has lines ~ above it. When signing a contract, you will write your name above or top top a line.Used in a sentence: I attracted a red line on my paper. 

The word line can likewise mean a row or a collection of things arranged in a straight line.

Real-life examples: children like to knock over a line that dominoes. Throughout drills, a sergeant could give orders come a line that soldiers. Friend will often see lines of trees along the road.Used in a sentence: I drove progressively down the street to look in ~ the line of the houses. 

If you ever before go come an amusement park, friend are likely to watch lines. Civilization who are in a line space patiently wait for their rotate to execute something. These type of lines have people stand one in front of the other rather 보다 side to side.

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Real-life examples: Banks, grocery store stores, amusement parks, bars, movie theatres, and ticket booths might have really long lines.Used in a sentence: I regulated to be at the front of the line to purchase tickets.