Employment is the agreement which is performed between employer and also employee which identify the task, the job role, the way of company andthe donation the employee must administer to the organization. Based upon the job function and various other aspects a certain amount the remuneration andfacilities is chose by employee i beg your pardon is listed in exchange of his service.

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The commitment is excellent by an official contract i beg your pardon is known as sell letter.The lawful estimation of organization is that the official contract marked between the two gatherings named and also manager and worker can't it is in ruptured without either's assent. Breaching the the contract have the right to lead any type of of the party to legal litigation.

A. Nature the Employment

Employment with organization Name is voluntarily in nature and it is based upon “at-will,” which way that the employee is free to resign/leave at will at any type of time, withor without cause. Similarly, organization Name might terminate the employment relationship at any kind of time, v or without notice or cause, so long as thereis no violation of applicable federal or state law.

No one has the government to make verbal statements the can adjust the nature of employment, and also the connection cannot be adjusted or modified because that anyemployee other than in a written covenant signed by that employee and also the President/ authorized person of the Organization.Policies are not to do an agreement, nor space they to be interpreted tocontractual legally binding commitments of any kind of sort or an covenant of work .

These provisions supersede all existing policies and also practices and may not be amended or included to there is no the express created approval the theCEO or human being designated by the CEO that Organization.

B. Employee Relations

Organization to trust that working conditions, wages, and benefits that it supplies to that employees space the finest in the industry.

As per our experience if employees are open and also direct through their seniors / supervisors, the work environment can be excellent, communicationscan be clear, and also attitudes can be positive.

Organization fulfillits appointment to employee by responding successfully to employee issues.In an effort to protect and also maintain straight employer/employee communications, organization will perform anything they can to safeguard the appropriate of employee to speak because that them.

C. Recruitment Policy

The Human source symbolizes the main aspect of any kind of Organization. As result of which recruitment and choice is that prime prestige as the car for obtainingthe best feasible person. Our company gives emphasis on the recruitment system and also in order to collection up the device they have framed the policies accordingto your conveniences and following the legit terms and conditions.

Purpose that recruitment is to identify and define the requirements. This requires the ready of project descriptions, job specification and also person specificationsand place a right person in a right location at a appropriate time.Recruitment plan is based upon the fair and consistent procedure.Recruitment device is based upon the following:

a) External Recruitment System

• Advertisement published through project portals e.g. Print media and consultancy etc.

b) Internal Recruitment System

• Employee referrals, inner Transfer etc.

D. An option Procedure

In Organization, after ~ the approval, the core committee members room selected through the Director/ HR manager because that the recruitment of suitable stafffor filling the vacant position.

Organization provides the prior preference to the internal staff members whose contract duration is ~ above a verge to get over and additionally who space competentenough for need of the post.If the inner staff go not complement the need then company appliesexternal recruitment system for the outside candidates to to fill the requirement.

The first step in this process is the the project profile is made decision by the HR manager and the department head with the consultation of main point Committee Members.

Screening/ short listing of the candidates: The CVs the the candidates space short detailed as every the requirements of the main point Committee Members v the consentof Director/ HR manager. After short listing the CVs, the candidates are called for the interview.

Interview by the main point Committee the the selected candidates:

Preliminary Interview – HR.Written test in Hindi & English (If required).Interview taken by panel members.Final Interview take away by the Director/ HR manager.

Appointment Procedure: Appointment Letter is designed and sent to the selected candidate via email with joining date mentioned in the letter.

The appointment letter consists of the following:

DesignationScaleGradePeriod of probation.

Joining: The following details should be noted by the selected candidate come the HR department for handling his / her identity number, card and records.

4 passport dimension photos.Copy of your resume.Educational Qualification documents.Previous employment details (offer letter, authorized letter, relieving letter)Medical certificate for fitnessCopy of passport/ PAN cardCopy of type 16

Induction Procedure: The newly recruited members space formally introduced to various other staff members of company Name in the first day of your joining.

E. Induction

An reliable induction ensures a confident start in any organization. The objective of the induction plan is come familiarize the employee with theorganization, their project responsibilities , the industry, colleagues, manufacturing facility systems, processes and policies with a view to ensure the they have the right to startcontributing their best to attain the business goals.


Introduction with various other employees

Understanding policies, procedures and also technical aspects

On the Floor that is allotting him/ her his/her position, designation, job duty from wherein the person must start performing.

F. Training

A particular schedule of simple training and induction is developed for brand-new joinees. Coaching/Mentoring System provides guidance in professionaldevelopment and Organization motivates all new joinees come take benefit of the proceeding education initiative and also further job details training.

G. Probationary period for new Employees

The probationary period is intended to give new employees the possibility to show their capacity to accomplish a satisfactory level of performanceand to identify whether the new position meets their expectations. Company monitors and evaluates every new employee’s power for durationof months to determine whether more employment in a certain position or with company is appropriate.

All new and rehired employees work-related on an introductory basis for the very first six months after their date of hire. If company finds that the designated probationary duration does not enable sufficient time to completely evaluate the employee’s performance, probation duration may be extended for a mentioned period.

Employees that satisfactorily completes the probation duration are educated of their new employment classification.

H. Outside Employment

Employee may not hold any kind of external employment as long as lock are linked with organization without informing or takingprior permission because that the top management.

Employee cannot receive any kind of income or material get from people outside. All employees and associated members are required to sign a non-disclosureagreement as per the problem of employment.

I. Same Employment Opportunity

The objective of the Equal possibility Policy is to assistance the attraction and retention of employee that add most come the breakthrough of theorganization’s business. Organization offers equal employment opportunity to every qualified persons there is no discrimination on the basis of age,sex, race, disability, marital condition or religion in accordance v applicable local, state and also national laws and also regulations. Company will provide job because that persons through disabilities who deserve to perform the important functions the the place for which they space qualified and selected.

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Organization will certainly take whatever affirmative activity is essential to attract and retain qualified persons.