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The main part that a church building, intended to accommodate many of the congregation. In traditional Western church it is rectangular, separated native the chancel through a action or rail, and from adjacent aisles by pillars.

‘The plan of the church is essentially classic with nave, altar, side chapel and confessional booths.’
‘Back then it was recognized as St. Mary"s, and consisted of no more than a an easy rectangular nave and chancel.’‘The chancel and nave that the church date back to the 12th century, but it is additionally believed a Saxon church once stood over there before and a roman building prior to this.’‘In a gothic cathedral, the nave is flanked by aisles which run parallel come it.’‘The aisles and nave that the church are linked by arcs which are hosted up by 18 imposing rock pillars make from fine chiselled limestone.’‘Internally, the structure is divided into a nave, transepts and side aisles created of ornamental cast-iron columns and girders.’‘A momentary roof and also ceiling were included to the nave and the chancel and much that the furniture and also fittings of the old Cathedral were used to maintain links with the past.’‘The church is later English; and also consists the nave, aisles, and also chancel, with porch and tower.’‘Traditional aspects include 3 naves, a circular window above the central entrance, and also the extremely ornamented tower.’‘There was likewise a nave through aisles and also galleries and a an especially fine church organ.’‘During the seventeenth century heraldic windows adorned the naves of dutch Reform churches, a custom dating ago several century in the Netherlands.’‘Just as daylight plays a main role in the nave, therefore does sound.’‘In the nave, the congregation receives light from big openings to the north, and also smaller ones on the southern side.’‘The enntrance gate itself to be arched high like the gates to a church nave.’‘Jenkins, too, appears to spend so lot time in the nave of the church that he is regularly oblivious to what is keep going in the apse.’‘Built in 1923, the structure featured a square nave through two little blocks come the east and west.’‘As one start the nave of the church over there is a paving rock in i m sorry you have the right to see the imprint of a foot.’‘The nave that the church still stood and displayed amazingly beautiful carvings of animals and humans, despite all had been worn under by the ravages that time and also weather.’‘The nave of the church might not organize the thousand world who came, and arrangements were made to broadcast the business into other rooms.’‘In the nave the the church, over the spot wherein St. Peter is buried, Bernini"s High Altar soars to a height of 29 metres.’



/nāv/ /neɪv/

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Early 16th century (as navy): maybe via Italian or Spanish, both denoting a ship and also the human body of a church, indigenous Latin navis ‘ship’.