When attempting to launch Minecraft, one error blog post can appear telling users, “Could not connect. Outdated client.” The outdated client error have the right to be frustrating when attempting to attach to Minecraft realms as the doesn’t give a clear indicator as to what’s causing the issue. However, there space a few things a pat can try to fix the error.

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How to deal with the outdated customer error in Minecraft


The most noticeable thing to do when receiving the outdated client error blog post in Minecraft is come make certain the game is totally updated. This typically happens automatically on many platforms, however this may not have happened yet if a patch has actually just to be released.

To upgrade Minecraft on miscellaneous platforms, use the instructions below:


Highlight the game and press “+.”Move come “Software Update.”Press A top top “Via the Internet.”


Highlight the game on the media bar or in the game library.Press Options.Select “Check because that Update”

iOS and Android

Go come the game’s store page.Press “Update” if it appears on the page.

Xbox One/Xbox collection X|S

Highlight the video game icon and also press the options button.Select “Manage Game and Add-ons.”Users should be able to see if over there are any type of impending to update on this screen.

Windows 10

Find Minecraft in the home windows 10 store.Press “Update” if it shows up here.

Java Version

The Java version deserve to install multiple versions of Minecraft simultaneously. Players have to make certain the version they’re using is compatible through the server they’re do the efforts to connect with.

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If players continue to have issues with the Outdated customer error message once they’ve updated their Minecraft installation, the worry probably lies through the server they’re trying to attach with. In this case, users can either effort to contact the server’s owner or, if they own the server, make sure it’s updated come the latest version.