1) A personal area network (PAN) is the interconnection that information modern technology devices within the variety of an individual person, typically within a selection of 10 meters. For example, a human traveling with a laptop, a an individual digital assistant (PDA), and a portable printer could interconnect castle without having to plug noþeles in, making use of some form of wireless technology. Typically, this kind of an individual area network could additionally be interconnected there is no wires to the net or various other networks.

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Also view wireless personal area network (WPAN) i m sorry is virtually a synonym since practically any an individual area network would require to function wirelessly. Conceptually, the difference between a PAN and also a wireless LAN is the the previous tends to it is in centered around one person while the last is a regional area network (LAN) that is linked without wires and serving many users.

2) In another usage, a personal area network (PAN) is a modern technology that could allow wearable computer system devices to connect with other adjacent computers and also exchange digital information using the electrical conductivity of the human being body as a data network. For example, two human being each wearing company card-size transmitters and also receivers conceivably might exchange details by shaking hands. The transference that data with intra-body contact, such together handshakes, is well-known as linkup. The human body"s herbal salinity renders it a great conductor that electricity. An electric field passes small currents, well-known as Pico amps, through the body as soon as the two world shake hands. The handshake completes an electrical circuit and also each person"s data, such together e-mail addresses and phone numbers, room transferred come the other person"s laptop computer system or a similar device. A person"s clothing also could act together a system for transferring this data.

The concept of a PAN very first was occurred by cutting board Zimmerman and other researchers at M.I.T."s Media Lab and later supported by IBM"s Almaden research lab. In a research paper, Zimmerman describes why the concept might it is in useful:

As digital devices become smaller, reduced in power requirements, and less expensive, we have started to adorn our bodies with personal information and also communication appliances. Such devices include cellular phones, personal digital aides (PDAs), pocket video games, and also pagers. Currently there is no technique for these devices to re-superstructure data. Networking these tools can alleviate functional I/O redundancies and allow brand-new conveniences and also services.

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