Penne Pasta native Liguria.

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Penne is a quick pasta tube well-known throughout Italy and also abroad. This versatile pasta shape was designed in Liguria and also can be supplied in too many of various pasta recipes.

What does words ‘penne’ mean?

It’s not daunting to know that the word ‘penne’ or the singular ‘penna’ way ‘pen’ in English. Offered that this pasta looks prefer the nib of an old fashioned pen or quill, it’s evident that the name came from that similarity.

Many pasta forms are named after things they look similar to. Because that example, farfalle way butterflies in English and also conchiglie means ‘shells’. My question is, what come first? walk someone decision to develop a pasta form that looked favor a covering or was it accidental? i guess in many cases we may never know!


Penne alla Vodka

In the situation of penne, however, there is a precise date of birth! On march 11 1865, pasta machine Giovanni Battista Capurro, from mountain Martino d’Albano close to Genoa, flourished in patenting a an equipment capable of cut pasta diagonally there is no breaking it. Until then, cut pasta was lugged out by hand, through scissors, leaving an irregular and also jagged edge on the final product. Interestingly, the an initial version of this pasta to be coloured, in the middle ages way, through saffron.


Rigate and also lisce (grooved and also smooth).

There space two types of penne pasta; ‘rigate’ an interpretation grooved and ‘lisce’ an interpretation smooth. Needless come say, rigate have actually grooves on the surface of each penna, whilst the smooth persons are, just that, smooth! Penne is a very versatile type of pasta and, subsequently, well-known throughout Italy and also abroad. The fact that it is cylindrical means the sauce in reality gets inside the pieces of pasta. The grooved variation also permits the sauce come adhere to its surface, do every mouthful rich and tasty!


pasta alla Pizzaiola made v pennoni

Recipes v penne.

As mentioned before, penne source in Liguria. From there, its popularity spread and also today castle eat it throughout the Italian peninsula. This pasta shape is most regularly served with heavier meat or tomato based sauces and not so generally with seafood or irradiate creamy sauces. The is additionally a an extremely popular selection for baked pasta dishes and also pasta salads.

One the the most well-known penne pasta recipes is ‘arrabbiata’ which comes from Rome. The pasta is offered with a spicy tomato sauce made from tomatoes, red chilli peppers and also garlic. The word ‘arrabbiata’ means angry in English and refers come the reality that the sauce have the right to make your confront turn red, similar to as soon as you room angry!


Pasta alla Valdostana

Nowadays, it is feasible to uncover penne made with different flours. Apart from the original version made with durum wheat flour, there is also a version made indigenous kamut (khorasan). Friend can additionally buy this pasta in a totality wheat selection and tricolore (meaning 3 colours) made through spinach and also tomatoes (or various other vegetables).

There are also different sizes. Mezze penne i m sorry are half the size of regular penne and also pennoni which space larger. Whichever type of this pasta you prefer, that is a very an excellent staple pasta to keep in the larder and also much more versatile 보다 most long pasta.


Check out several of our penne recipes.

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