Michael Phelps has revealed what song he was listening to once he made the now-iconic #PhelpsFace throughout the VMAs Sunday night.

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“Remember in Rio once I do that face that ended up everywhere the Internet?” Phelps asked. “I was in the zone through Future’s track, “Stick Talk”, blaring in mine headphones.”

Phelps’s intense video game face became one that the strongest memes out of the 2016 Olympics, together the web went crazy because that his severe look towards rival, south Africa’s Chad Le Clos as he showboxed in prior of him. The Olympian later said he was just concentrating if listening to music.

Phelps claimed hip hop has provided him consistent motivation throughout his career, citing Future’s optimism as he introduced him at the awards.

“I could have a lot of gold however this guy’s gained all the platinum,” the concluded.

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