Fort Worth drug Possession Defense

How carry out you strategy possession of controlled substances cases?


I technique each case by meeting with the customer in my fort Worth office. At this meeting, I learn the underlying facts in the case. I likewise learn about what the client wants to have happen and also what is in ~ stake because that the client. After ~ reviewing all facets of the case, the client and ns discuss and also prepare a strategy to ideal resolve his or her case. In plenty of cases, a drug charge is the very first court situation in your lives. Castle are often scared that this situation will destroy their whole lives.

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Can friend promise to acquire my drug situation dismissed?

Two the the most important things in the food of my representation are honesty and also trust. These concepts apply to both the client and me. That is necessary that i am honest and also trustworthy indigenous the perspective of the client. When a human being calls my office, the caller is afraid. It would certainly be unreasonable to prey upon this are afraid by do false promises.

Despite the typical advertising strategy, no attorney have the right to promise to acquire your medicine charges dismissed in any type of case.

Does this typical you cannot obtain my possession instance dismissed?

No. Even if it is the prosecutor will certainly dismiss a situation depends on the facts. It is just not possible to promise anyone the the State will dismiss their case.

What if that was just marijuana?

The level of violation that a variety of factors consisting of the substance the person allegedly recognize what a prosecutor charges possessed.

Texas has actually some that the toughest drug legislations in the united States. Marijuana possession deserve to be charged all over from a course B misdemeanor to a first Degree Felony.

What benefits are there to developing a strategy?

During a client’s instance review, ns assess what choices the client will have to dispose of his or her situation including trial, probation, and alternative programs choose diversion and also drug court.

Misdemeanors are punishable by a good and/ or jail time. The court has several options. The court have the right to order a human to salary a fine. Court can also order a hatchet of probation for many drug charges. Throughout probation, the court orders the human abide by strict conditions. Depending upon the type of probation, the court might not find a human being guilty also if the or she pleads guilty.

Tarrant ar has different programs. There is a medicine court program and a diversion regimen in fort Worth. For more information about the Diversion regimen click right here to check out “” in ~ the safeguard Your Future blog.

Some attorneys room bondsman; have the right to you compose a bail link in drug cases?

I believe that it is my task to zealously and also ethically represent my clients. In numerous cases, understand of bondsmen and also attorneys carry out not conflict. However, the understand of a bondsman and attorney can change. This is because the attorney fan a various and much more strict honest duty come the client. Bondsmen have risked a the majority of money by writing the bond. Lawyers require to protect their client’s interests at all times. I execute not compose bail bonds since I believe it could problem with mine client’s interests.

Can you acquire my documents sealed, expunged or hidden?

Convictions for medicine offense can not be expunged, but can be covert with an bespeak of non-disclosure. Additionally, the court can always order the records expunged if the court or prosecutor dismisses the drug charges or if the jury or court acquits the person.

What is possession the a managed substance?

Generally, a possession that a controlled substance violation occurs as soon as an individual has within your care, custody, or manage a substance that the legislature has outlawed in the Texas Health and Safety Code.

What building material are regulated substances?

Although there space many much more substances noted in the Health and also Safety Code, an incomplete list contains Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin and also other opiates consisting of pharmaceuticals.

How much is a gram?

The Health and Safety Code offers standard measurements (pounds and also ounces) for cases involving marijuana and metric dimensions for most other controlled substances.

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Technically, a gram is 1/454th the a pound. In the context of cocaine or heroin, a gram is around the size of a sugar packet.

Possession that a managed substance Penalty team 1

Health and also Safety Code

It is a medicine offense listed in the section 481.115 the the Texas Health and also Safety Code. The is regularly abbreviated as Poss CS U/1G PG 1 or POSS CS PG 1 = 1G