Tright here are few things even more frustrating than waiting for your Amazon shipment to arrive. This is particularly true if it seems to be perpetually stuck in the ‘preparing for shipment’ phase. Sometimes, your Amazon order may even be provided as ‘preparing for shipment’ for days at a time. It gets draining easily.

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To aid you via your shipping condition battles, we have compiled a list of some of the a lot of generally asked questions, both brand-new and old. We’re certain you’ll uncover the answer to your question best right here through us!

Why Does My Amazon Order Still Say “Preparing for Shipment”?

This is among the a lot of prevalent Amazon shipping worries that human being put into Google. It is not unheard of for your order to show up stuck on preparing for shipment. The longer this goes on, the even more frustrating it becomes. No one wants to consistently check their delivery condition for days at a time.

But what does ‘preparing for shipment’ actually mean? Well, it have the right to intend a few points. The the majority of most likely causes are that your shipment is recorded up in the process of packing, labeling, or the setup of distribution.

‘Shipment’ actually describes many procedures, which is why it have the right to feel favor it takes forever for your order to relocate on. The array of steps your item demands to go via prior to it deserve to gain shipped is probably a significant contributor to the shipment time.

Checking up on your delivery status generally have the right to be an reliable way to obtain an approximation of when your item must arrive, yet if you uncover yourself getting obsessed it could be time to action earlier. Stressing won’t assist Amazon ship your item any kind of faster! If it would, none of us would need Prime.

How Long is Amazon’s ‘Preparing for Shipment’ Supposed to Take?

This question is not rather as basic to answer. There are so many type of variables at play to expedite or delay your order, which implies a firm timeframework is virtually impossible.

However before, tbelow are certain guidelines accessible depending upon just how you have actually put your order through Amazon. For instance:

Shipping via standard Amazon delivery: 2-5 company days

Of course, if you pay for same-day shipping as an Amazon Prime member then your brand-new order must be shipped practically immediately.

Still, something can go wrong in the time of wareresidence shipment, so periodically delays deserve to still happen. A lot of this comes dvery own to wright here your brand-new orders are sourced from and what renders up your shipment.

There are two crucial means that Amazon posts their shipping, which are:

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)Privately fulfilled items

Needless to say, FBA stock is typically shipped much much faster than privately fulfilled items, though your suffer may differ. This is mainly as a result of just how the wareresidence in question dwellings its stock.

See Shopify Vs Amazon FBA for additionally analysis of your alternatives.

Amazon has actually greater regulations over its very own items, which means they have the right to ship them as soon as feasible.

This is likewise what enables Amazon to ship its orders within the exact same day, interpretation you don’t need to wait long at all. Thanks, FBA!

My Order is FBA But I Still Haven’t Got it, How Soon Can I Expect It?


FBA is not perfect, choose any type of various other distribution company. This means that also if you buy an FBA product, delays in preparing for shipment are totally possible. They are not as widespread as once you buy from privately fulfilled storage or 3PL, however it is something you can still experience.

It commonly means the item you have ordered is presently out of stock, but it will certainly be shipped as soon as it becomes obtainable. If you discover that you would certainly no much longer prefer to wait, you deserve to simply cancel your order.

What is the Difference Between ‘Preparing for Shipment’ Status VS ‘Shipping Now’?

If your order status has readjusted to ‘shipping now’, congratulations! The wait is over and your order has been shipped. This means a few changes.

First, you have to be given an approximated arrival date. You will certainly likewise be granted a tracking number to chase up your order.

This is also the part where your card will acquire charged, and also you will be unable to cancel or readjust your order has actually currently been shipped. Any queries after you have been charged will autumn under the ‘refund’ category.

I Feel Like I Ordered my Item years Ago, Why is it Still ‘Preparing for Shipment’?

It is more than likely tied up in among the numerous procedures all Amazon items must go via from the warehouse to your front door. If you feel choose it is really taking too a lot time, it may be wise to go ago to Amazon and email their customer support or the seller that you ordered from.

Unfortunately, you won’t have actually a tracking number at this stage, so it will certainly most likely be a little difficult to acquire certain details, but it could still be worth adhering to up.

Sometimes with virtual Amazon orders, you will certainly see ‘preparing for shipment’ for over a week. In this circumstances, an email sharing your experience is not a poor concept. Something may have actually taken place via your item avoiding it from getting to you yet, which you have actually eexceptionally ideal to question.

More often than not, Amazon will reassure you that your post is on its method to you quickly.

Does Free Shipping Take Longer to Arrive?


In short: yes.

There may be exceptions relying on your place and also the nature of your order, however generally speaking, your delivery will be prioritized based upon exactly how a lot you spfinish. The fastest order will certainly constantly arrive through Amazon Prime, but this does incur greater shipping costs. Free shipment ordinarily takes the longest to arrive, typically between 5-8 days.

If you aren’t in any type of rush to get your order, there is nopoint wrong via using the complimentary company. It just may take a little more time for your order to be shipped. Some Amazon individuals point out that their box was ‘preparing for shipping’ for approximately a week.

If it exoften tends past this time, you have to contact Amazon or see what the seller states around when they think your post need to be with you. Sellers can’t always be exact, which means you can need to attend to tracking estimates, however that is still better than no online call at all.

Can I Use the Tracking Number to Find What Stage my Parcel is At?

You certain can! Once it is actually on its method to you. Unfortunately, till it has gone with the shipping procedure, your box is simply preparing to be shipped and also is not issued its very own tracking number.

This doesn’t mean you can’t inspect up on its existing status if you end up being came to that it won’t be shipped shortly. Ssuggest call the seller for an upday. If you hear nopoint earlier from them, make sure to contact Amazon themselves as it might have been a fraudulent seller.

Can You Cancel an Order on Amazon if it Says ‘Preparing for Shipment’?

Yes. Until your card is charged, you can cancel or upday your order as you please. As long as it doesn’t say ‘shipped’ yet then you have the right to cancel or make transforms as essential, as this shows that it is within the fulfillment facility. If it claims ‘shipped’ then the period to cancel has actually gone, and you will certainly need to take into consideration a remoney if you are unsatisfied.

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Does ‘Preparing for Shipment’ Mean my Card has Been Charged?

No. Your card is just charged once the item has actually left the fulfillment facility. If it hasn’t left yet, then you are free to cancel or update your order, and your card is not charged. This means, customers aren’t charged while Amazon is preparing the item. Once your item is prepared to ship, you have to be given an approximate arrival date and your card will certainly be charged.

Have Patience and also Don’t Lose Your Cool!

Thanks for making it to the end of our guide! Hopefully, our answers could offer you some insight into exactly how Amazon ship their assets. If your question hasn’t been answered over, don’t worry! You have the right to sign up with the relevant forum and a member need to have the ability to assist you. Your question could have actually currently been answered in previous posts!