As a personal French tutor, i noticed that many French students are confused with the difference between qui and que

Here room some explanations v concrete instances to recognize the use of qui and also que

Grammatical difference in between qui and also que

In the field of grammar, qui and que are called relative pronouns. We use these pronouns to prevent a repetition.

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Que is a direct object pronoun, it replaces the object of the sentence

Example: Le train va en Normandie. Je prends le train.(= The train is going to Normandie. I’m acquisition the train).

Let’s use a pronoun to protect against repeating « le train ».In the second occurrence / sentence, “le train” is the direct object. It’s no the subject, it’s not doing the action. The topic is “je”.

In order to develop one solitary sentence, you need to use the direct object pronoun que.

Le train que je prends va en Normandie(= The train that I’m acquisition is going to Normandie).

How come choose in between que and qui in French

If grammar is not your forte, here’s a simple tip for you: to decide between qui and que, pay attention to the framework of the sentence:

Qui is a subject, it will because of this be followed by the verb.QUI + VERBJe prends le tgv QUI VA à Paris.Je regarde l’homme QUI MARCHE dans la rue.

Que is a straight object, so the sentence will also need to have actually a subject. The structure will be:QUE + subject + VERBLe tgv QUE JE PRENDS va à Paris.L’homme QUE JE REGARDE marche dans la rue.

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