Which glyph is correct: the inch, the acute, or the apostrophe? This write-up describes the suitable use the the pesky punctuation note that signifies omission and forms the own (and occasionally plurals).

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Prime symbol, used over to incorrectly produce the possessive.One correct usage of the prime symbol is the representation of feet (a unit that measurement usual in the united States); because that example, 8′ = 8 feet.


Acute accent, used above to incorrectly create the possessive.The acute accent is properly supplied as a component of diacritic characters; because that example, á, é, í, ó, ú.



In general, an apostrophe curves prefer a small number nine (9), however the specific kind can vary relying on the all at once typeface design.Quotation Marks

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Double prime symbol, used over to incorrectly collection a quotation. The use of the double prime in quotations is often dubbed “dumb quotes.”One correct use of the dual prime symbol is the representation of customs (unit the measurement usual in the unified States); for example, 8′ 6″ = 8 feet 6 inches.

Left and right twin quotes. Quotation marks look comparable to apostrophes. The left estimates opening the quotation above look like two small sixes (66), if the right estimates closing the quotation look prefer two small nines (99).Different countries and languages have their very own styles and customs for the setting of quotations. Get much more information around local specifications.

Left and right solitary quotes. various countries and languages have actually their own styles and also customs because that the setup of quotations. Get an ext information about local specifications.

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