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It literally means:Ça → the / ItVa → GoesOne that the most crucial French expression you should know! It could be a question and also an answer, to be more precise: “Ça va ?” → “How space you?” and “Ça va” → “I’m fine“.

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Also, this is an informal expression (especially when offered as a question), therefore you need to not use it with civilization you have actually to show respect. (Elderly people, teachers, etc.)

As friend will check out on the really complete “Synonyms” ar below, countless variations exist for both questions and answers uses. But also regarding of officially or unshened context.

If you just want to discover the most important ones, it would be: “Ça va ?” (Informal) and also “Comment allez-vous ?” (Formal and/or plural) for questions.

And because that answers: “Ça va” (I’m fine)(Neutral) and “Ça va, merci” (I’m fine, thanks)(Neutral) and “Ça va, et toi ?” (I’m fine, and also you?)(Informal) and finally “Ça va, et vous ?” (I’m fine, and you?)(Formal and/or plural).

Don’t forget to inspect the audio dialogue at the finish of this write-up if you want an authentic instance of how French world use it! 

A common use as a question would be: “Salut Alexandre ! Ça va ?” (Hey Alexandre! exactly how are you?). And Alexandre would say “Salut ! Ça va et toi ?” (Hey ! I’m fine and also you?)

Also, you might use it no only once talking around how you feel personally, yet to present agreement around a proposal / question.

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For example, who asks you: “On component dans 2 heures, tu seras prêt ?” (We space leaving in two hours, will you it is in ready?) you have the right to answer: “Oui, ça va” (Yes, it will be fine). It’s useful due to the fact that it allows friend to stop a full sentence favor “Oui, je serai prêt dans 2 heures” (Yes, I will be ready in 2 hours)

Finally, girlfriend can also use it come say: “Oh ! Ça va !” which method “Hey! That’s enough!” if you room angry around something. Don’t worry, the voice tone and also the context will make it clear for civilization that you space not saying “Hey! I’m fine!“.

As a question:Bien ? (“Fine?“)(Slang)Ça va bien ? (“Are girlfriend fine?“)(Informal)Comment ça va ? (“How space you?“)Comment vas-tu ? (“How room you?“)Tu vas bien ? (“Are girlfriend doing well?“)Comment allez-vous? (“How space you?“)(Formal and plural)Vous allez bien ? (“Are girlfriend doing well?“)(Formal and also plural)

As an answer:Ça va merci. (“I’m fine, thank you“)Ça va et toi ? (“I’m fine, and also you?“)Ça va et vous ? (“I’m fine, and also you?“)(Formal and plural)Ça va (très) bien. (“I’m (very) good“)Ça va (très) bien, merci. (“I’m (very) good, say thanks to you?“)Ça va (très) bien, et toi ? (“I’m (very) good, and you?“)Ça va (très) bien, et vous ? (“I’m (very) good, and also you?“)(Formal and also plural)Tout va (très) bien. (“It’s all (very) good“)(Très) bien. (“(Very) good“)Tranquille. (“Easy / Chill“)(Slang)Super. (“Super“)(Slang)Nickel. (“Great“)(Slang)

More possible answers:Bof. (“Meh“)(Slang)Moyen. (“So-so“)Comme ci, comme ça. (“So-so“)Pas top. (“Not great“)(Slang)Pas (très) bien. (“Not (very) well“)Je ne vais pas (très) bien. (“I’m no feeling (very) good“)(Très) Mal. (“(Very) bad“)Ça (ne) va pas. (“It’s no going well“)