What walk Samantha mean?


▼ as a girls" name is pronounced sa-MAN-thah. The is of English and Hebrew origin, and also the meaning of Samantha is "God heard". Feminine the Samuel. Additionally contains the Greek -antha which method "flower". Sometimes used in the 17th-19th centuries. Samantha became popular in the 1960s because of the TV display "Bewitched". Actress Samantha Eggar.STARTS/ENDS through Sam-, -tha

ASSOCIATED with greek, flower, 17th century, 19th century


VARIANTS Sam, Samey, Sami, Samentha, Sammantha, Sammee, Sammey, Sammie▼, Semantha, Semanntha, Simantha, Symantha

SEE likewise Amantha, Samuela

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) middle NAME PAIRINGSSamantha Charlize (S.C.), ..

How popular is Samantha?

Samantha is a an extremely popular first name for females (#177 the end of 4276, height 4%) and also a contempt less popular surname because that all human being (#111119 the end of 150436, optimal 74%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Samantha got to its optimal rank the #3 in the U.S. In the year 1998, and also is presently at #60. (TOP 2000 NAMES, 2018)



Which variation is better?

Sam, Sammantha, Sammie and Samuel space the significant related forms of Samantha (#60 IN current RANKINGS). Usage of these develops of Samantha to be at its highest possible in 1990 (MEDIAN #1508) and also has become significantly diminished because (#1612, down 83.1%), through versions such as Sammie falling out of fashion.

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Similar Names

Recommended sound-alike names space Amarantha, Calantha, Calanthe, Calanthia, Cleantha, Cliantha, Diamanta, Diantha, Eolantha, Hamania, Iantha, Iolantha, Jacintha, Jacyntha, Jolantha, Kalantha, Kliantha, Mallantha, Melantha, Sabetha, Samala, Samara▲, Samaria▼, Sancha, Santa, Savana▼, Savanah▼, Savanha (see Savannah), Savanna, Savannha, Shanta▼, Simonetta, Syntha, Tabatha▼, Xantha, Yacintha, Yolantha and Zantha. These names have tendency to it is in less typically used 보다 Samantha.