SoHo is a usual acronym used mainly to describe locations or neighborhoods in cities. Explore places and things shortened to SoHo roughly the world.

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SoHo authorize in new York

SoHo Manhattan

If you’re talking about new York City neighborhoods, SoHo is one acronym the stands for south of Houston Street. The “So” comes from “South” and also the “Ho” originates from “Houston.” This area of Manhattan is best known for the arts and also shopping.

SoHo in lower Manhattan consists of the area native Lafayette St. Come the Hudson River and West Houston St. To Canal St. This SoHo is spelled through a resources “S” and also a capital “H.”

SoHo Style

The society of new York City’s SoHo district has likewise inspired a fashion format known as SoHo chic or SoHo style. In this case, SoHo still stands for south of Houston St. SoHo layout is significant by simplicity, effortlessness, and elegance.

Soho London

There’s additionally an area in London, England known as Soho. Friend can uncover Soho in London’s West end covering about a one square mile area. This Soho is spelled v a capital “S” only. Soho London is known as an entertain district.

The beginnings of the surname Soho for this area aren’t confirmed, yet it’s thought to be called after a 17th century hunting cry. The area was a known searching ground. Soho London claims to it is in the very first region in the world to go by the name Soho.

SoHo Hong Kong

SoHo in Hong Kong is the surname of one area south of Hollywood Rd. The “So” is from words “South” and also the “Ho” is from words “Hollywood.”

This is a multicultural nightlife hotspot in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s SoHo, like new York City’s, is an acronym the is spelled v a funding “S” and a resources “H.”

SoHo Tasmania

In Tasmania, SoHo is an acronym the represents the Hobart suburb of southern Hobart. The “So” is from “South” and the “Ho” is native “Hobart.”

In Tasmania, you will do it see countless businesses with various spellings the the abbreviation SoHo. Arts indigenous this area room branded together SOHO Arts v all letter of words capitalized when apartments, rentals, and also hotels usage either Soho or SoHo.

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SOHO message Abbreviation

In slang terms, SOHO was standing for little Office/Home Office. The acronym represents the home offices of human being who work-related remotely or space self-employed. This SOHO is spelled through all funding letters.

Explore your SoHo

SoHo has come to be a popular location acronym in cities and countries approximately the world. Check out other real estate abbreviation to check out what other cool neighborhoods with cool nicknames you can explore.