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Vann VicenteDid you check out someone to speak “TBF” in one enlightening web debate? No, TBF doesn’t typical “total brain fart,” although you’d it is in forgiven for having actually one if you don’t acknowledge this initialism. Here’s what TBF way and exactly how to usage it.

To it is in Fair

TBF way “to it is in fair.” people use it to introduce one more viewpoint or perspective into an web discussion, particularly one that you feeling hasn’t been properly evaluated. It can additionally refer to specific people or ideas that are lacking in consideration. TBF often comes before evidence that may make a subject a much more balanced conversation.

TBF is often discovered in debates or vivid discussions online. Because that example, if several people are debating around the validity the pineapple ~ above pizza and virtually everyone is against it, one user can chime in by saying, “TBF, pineapple is a pretty delicious fruit.”

Depending on the paper definition it’s used in, an additional possible definition of TBF is “to be frank,” i beg your pardon is associated with “to be honest.” TBF should not be puzzled with TBTF, which method “too huge to fail,” a theory in the finance human being that to trust that part corporations space too large to have a spectacular failure.

The background of TBF

The actual expression “to it is in fair” has actually been about in the English language for a lengthy time before it was turned right into an initialism. It was shortened in the 1990s and also 2000s as soon as the internet came to be a well-known place because that conversations of every kinds. TBF was advantageous in internet chatrooms, where messages would move fast, and also users essential to use shortcuts to gain their points across.


The first definition for TBF ~ above Urban thesaurus was developed in 2005, and also it reads, “to be fair.” it has due to the fact that become a typical term all approximately the internet, particularly in lively post boards prefer Reddit and also group messaging apps favor Discord.

To it is in Fair come Someone

One common method to usage “TBF” is to define a person or a team of peoples’ reasoning for a details action. Because that example, if a judge because that a rate art vain remarks that all of the entries watch unfinished, another judge might suggest out, “TBF, they only had actually 30 minute to make these. It just makes feeling that they’re a bit unfinished.”

You can also say TBF to someone else to show that friend empathize with their instance or suggest of view. For example, if a girlfriend is distressed around failing an exam, you might say, “TBF come you, you barely had any kind of time come study.” This speak them the you know where they’re coming from. Some civilization even to speak “TBF” to describe themselves once they feeling left out.

To it is in Fair vs. To be Honest

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In a most ways, TBF is very comparable to “to it is in honest” or TBH. As well as sharing 2 letters, castle both regularly precede a controversial or unpopular opinion. However, lock are offered in very different circumstances. TBF is often used to assistance or consider an alternative viewpoint, if TBH is frequently used to administer a strong, often an adverse opinion the something.

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For example, if a group of human being is stating which console between the Playstation and Xbox is better, one user could say, “TBF to the Playstation, the has plenty of exclusives that the Xbox doesn’t have.” top top the other hand, who else could say, “TBH, those exclusives ~ above the game stations aren’t also good.’

How to use TBF

If you want to usage TBF, instead of it for when you would say, “to it is in fair.” The initialism can be offered in both the uppercase “TBF” and also lowercase “tbf.”

Here are few ways you deserve to put TBF in your following post:

“TBF come him, he has a many of great ideas, he simply needs assist executing them.”“TBF, the top quality of paper bags has actually actually been obtaining a lot far better in the last couple of years.”“TBF to you, you’ve barely slept in the last week. You have to take the work off.”

If you desire to learn around other web slang words, check out our travel guide on RN, TMI, and also W/E. You’ll it is in an internet skilled in no time.

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Vann VicenteVann Vicente has actually been a technology writer for 4 years, with a emphasis on explainers aligned towards average consumers. He likewise works together a digital marketer because that a local e-commerce website. He"s invested in net culture, society media, and how human being interact through the web. Read full Bio »