I sent out a text post to (123) 456-7890 and also an error post immediately showed up to "use a valid 10-digit phone number" and also showed the number I provided with a 1 prior to the area code. I tried deleting the contact"s number and also re-entering it, but the exact same thing happened. Why is the phone including a 1? I"ve searched through settings (and ns did revolve off worldwide dialing assist to no avail). Is this a setting issue or...?


The united state telephone mechanism use a #1 in former of USA area codes.

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If you through in the same area then you execute not should dial it.

Even if girlfriend dial "1 in neighborhood calls it will be just ignored.

You phone automatically adds a #1 anyway for this reason you perform not forget it.

However if friend are exterior the area climate #1 is necessary in former of the number.

In contemporary days gadgets the #1 is hidden yet it is dialed automatically.


I was just able to duplicate this actions sending a message to a number no in service.

The precise error message arrives as a text post from a network number and also reads "1XXXYYYZZZZ Error Invalid Number. Please Re-send making use of a precious 10 number mobile number or quick code." (where XXXYYYZZZZ is the poor phone number).

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It way either you are texting a number the is not a mobile, or "I"m sorry the number you have texted is not in service"


Texting with the international organization if you bring an iphone from the united state you have actually to include #1 in prior of the neighborhood 8 digit number. You have the right to make a voice speak to by merely dialing the 8 number number. Ns would suggest when placing new contacts in your phone to include a separate contact for voice and also one because that text.Scott S.


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