1. Brief for alternate, Alt is a modifier vital on both sides of the spacebar crucial on IBM compatible computer keyboards. The photo shows an instance of the Alt key.

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The Alt vital should not be puzzled with the Altmode an essential that is supplied with some TeleType and also ASCII terminals. The Altmode crucial does not duty the exact same as the Alt key.

Where is the Alt an essential on the keyboard?

The following image of a keyboard shows the place of the Alt keys, which room highlighted in blue.


Alt key-board shortcuts and what have the right to the Alt crucial do?

Alt is most frequently used come in a key combination to perform details actions such as accessing the alternatives in the record menu or Ribbon. Refer to the example below:

Ctrl+Alt+DelThe combination above method to press and hold the Ctrl, Alt, and also Del secrets all at the exact same time. This activity opens the Windows task Manager window or the lock menu to get accessibility to the job Manager.

Below room some other commonly used Alt shortcut vital combinations top top a computer systems in alphabet order. Clicking any of the shortcut links open a web page for that shortcut with all known programs connected with that shortcut key.


The Alt key is not offered as regularly as the Ctrl vital with keyboard shortcuts. If you"re not sure around using Alt or Ctrl in a shortcut, begin with Ctrl.

AltPressing the Alt key alone focuses the computer system on the record menu (if available) or show keyboard shortcuts in Office programs with the Ribbon. As soon as selected, you deserve to use the arrowhead keys come move between the document menu options.
Alt+AOpen the Data tab in Excel.
Alt+BOpen the bookmarks record menu option in Firefox.
Alt+CView the favorite in web Explorer.
Alt+DSelect the URL in the deal with bar in web browsers.
Alt+EOpen the Edit paper menu option for programs supporting a document menu.
Alt+EndMove come the critical cell the a obelisk in a Microsoft word table.
Alt+EnterCreate a brand-new line in a Microsoft Excel cell.
Alt+EscSwitch between windows in the order the they were first opened in Microsoft Windows.
Alt+FPressing this two secrets opens the file menu in an open program.
Alt+F4These keys close the open up program. Come close one open home window or tab in ~ a program press Ctrl+F4.
Alt+GAccess the design tab in the Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon.
Alt+HOpen the Help file menu or the home tab in Microsoft programs through the Ribbon.
Alt+HomeOpen the homepage in the active tab.
Alt+IOpen the Insert paper menu.
Alt+InsAdd a workspace in Xfce.
Alt+JAdjust the justification of text in a file.
Alt+KOpen the Transistions tab in the Ribbon.
Alt+LOpen the Developer tab in the Ribbon.
Alt+MOpen the recipe tab in the Ribbon.
Alt+NOpen the Insert alternative in a file menu or the Ribbon.
Alt+OOpen the Format file menu.
Alt+POpen the page Layout tab in the Ribbon.
Alt+QOpen the "Tell me" box in recent versions of Office products.
Alt+ROpen the evaluation tab in the Office program Ribbon.
Alt+SOpen the slide show settings in PowerPoint.
Alt+SpaceOpen the window menu that the program currently open in Microsoft Windows.
Alt+TOpen the devices in the paper menu.
Alt+TabThese tricks switch in between open program from left-to-right. Pressing Alt+Shift+Tab moves in the opposite direction, from best to left.
Alt+UChange message to uppercase.
Alt+VOpen the View document menu.
Alt+WOpen the view tab in the Office programs v the Ribbon.
Alt+XDisplay the Unicode character password of a character.
Alt+YOpen the Database tools tab in Microsoft Access.
Alt+ZAccess the GeForce suffer in-game overlay.

Using the Alt crucial to develop special personalities (Alt codes)

With windows computers, the Alt crucial can also be provided with the number secrets on the numeric keypad to develop special personalities (Alt codes) such as accented letters. Because that example, when using code web page 437, pushing Alt+160 create an "a" v an interval (á) in all programs.


When utilizing Alt codes, your Num Lock should be enabled, and you have to be using the numbers on the numeric keypad.

Where is the Alt vital on my smartphone or tablet computer touch screen?

Android and also Apple phones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets with touch displays don"t have an Alt crucial or other modifier keys, other than the shift key.

2. Alt may additionally be offered to define the alternate text used to describe an image in HTML. For example, with the below img tag the alt attribute is describing the the photo is the computer system Hope logo. If who was analysis the page however couldn"t check out the pictures (e.g., remote visitor) they can understand what the picture is showing.

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TipThe alt attribute have to not be perplexed with the location attribute, which reflects text as soon as hovering over an image. Check out our img tag page for further information about each of these attributes.

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