Ever wonder exactly how the electronic devices in your steering wheel keep their connection when you have the right to turn the steering wheel number of times in every direction?

If normal wires were run to the steering wheel controls, they would ultimately get tangled up and also break, simply from daily use. This is specifically what a clock spring is designed come prevent.

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Because the airbag in her steering wheel is dependent on a functional clock spring, it’s an important that the clock feather is in great working condition. Keep reading to understand just how a clock spring works, what symptom of a damaged clock spring are, and also the average replacement price is.

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What is a Clock Spring?

A clock feather is a coil of level wires wound within an assembly in the steering wheel. One part of the external assembly follows the steering wheel, and also the other component attaches to the steering column.

This device is periodically referred to together a spiral cable, airbag clock spring, steering wheel clock spring, clock feather assembly, cable reel, or call reel, depending on the vehicle and also where friend live.

The clock spring is not really a feather at all, but it gets its surname from the look at of the coiled ribbon inside the housing. This coiled ribbon resembles the shape of a spiral torsion spring, but does not compress and also release stored power the way an actual spring would.

What walk a Clock spring Do?


While it is sometimes feasible to fix a damaged clock spring, that is generally far better to to buy a brand-new one.

Clock springs are cheap, and also it’s crucial to have a trusted unit because they may be connected with the correct role of the driver’s airbag, the horn, cruise control, and traction and stability manage systems.

Can you Re-use a Clock Spring?

If you remove the clock feather while performing a repair, that is often possible to reuse the clock spring. Remove the clock feather while the steering wheel is in a neutral position and also be certain not to revolve the clock spring after you eliminate it. Reinstall the clock spring in the same neutral position.

If you were to turn the clock spring a rotation or two and then reinstall it, you might not have enough slack in the internal ribbon before the steering wheel hits complete lock. In this case, you run the hazard of stretching or break the internal wires and also damaging a perfectly good clock spring.

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If the airbag has deployed, the is ideal to change the clock spring through a new unit.