In Japan, the initial manga is, and constantly has been, Dragon Ball. (The initial Japanese location is the voice English words "Dragon Ball,.") However, when the series was optioned because that TV, things acquired complicated.

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The original Japanese anime series, based upon the manga, was likewise called Dragon Ball. That ran indigenous 1986 come 1989, and covered a tiny past the ending of manga volume 16, as much as the finish of Goku's final fight with his an initial archenemy, Piccolo. In ~ this point, Toriyama to be gearing up because that a significant new story arc, and Toei computer animation decided to relaunch the anime under a new name. They determined the surname Dragon ball Z (pronounced "Zet" in Japanese). The factors for the name readjust are obscure, but Toriyama joked in an interview with Banzai!, a now-discontinued German manga magazine, the he made decision the inscription "Z" due to the fact that he was getting worn down of drawing Dragon Ball and the critical letter that the alphabet would make readers think the finish of the series was approaching. (It's an open an enig that Toriyama to plan to end the Dragon ball manga years before the yes, really ending, yet was pressured into proceeding it because it was such a moneymaker.)

No such luck; the Dragon ball Z TV series ran native 1989 come 1996. At this allude the manga series had currently ended, yet the licensors determined to continue the collection in one anime-only form based on some of Toriyama's ideas and character designs. The resulting brand-new series, in which goku travels through outer space and meets a most aliens, was titled Dragon round GT ("Grand Tour"). Dragon ball GT ran native 1996 to 1997 and also is not considered canon by numerous fans of Dragon Ball and also Dragon sphere Z.

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Imagination-rich and also information-poor fans spread rumors the other spin-offs with names favor Dragon ball AF. None of these are real, except for the 2009 Dragon round Kai, which is no a brand-new series however a remastered variation of Dragon ball Z. (See "Isn't Dragon Ball just a bunch the speedlines and also ripped dudes with negative hair screaming "It's end 9,000!"".)


Isn't Dragon Ball just a bunch of speedlines and also ripped dudes with poor hair screaming "It&#...Yes. No. Type of. Numerous of the stereotypes around Dragon ball come not from the original manga but…

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None of this anime adaptations and also spin-offs have any type of direct relation to Dragonball: Evolution, and also the caption "Evolution" is purely an creation of the American filmmakers.