Did you recognize that the leaky faucet prize on her Ford to escape dashboard isn"t in reality a faucet? It"s one oil can, and it shows a crucial malfunction. Understanding the various warning and indicator lights on her dashboard is an important part that owning a vehicle.

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So to help our Los Angeles, lengthy Beach, and Downey customers, our team at share Reeves Ford Superstore in Cerritos has developed this helpful Ford escape dashboard light guide for you to reference. If you"re ever unsure around what indicator light you"re seeing or if friend think that your car needs servicing, contact our Ford business department.

Ford to escape Warning Lamps and Indicators

prior to we obtain started, it"s vital to note that countless of the dashboard lights will perform an initial check when you very first start her vehicle. Lights must illuminate briefly and then closeup of the door off. If any kind of light continues to be on or transforms on if driving, climate this could be a sign of a potential problem.

• Airbag (front): This dashboard light reflects a seated passenger wearing their safety and security belt with an inflated airbag in prior of them. If the light is blinking or remains illuminated after startup, there can be a problem with the prior airbag.Schedule service as shortly as possible.

• Battery: Like the surname implies, this irradiate looks favor a automobile battery with a positive and also a an unfavorable end. If it transforms on, climate a breakdown has occurred. Revolve off any type of electrical devices that friend don"t require (such together the radio) and have the automobile serviced immediately.

• Low tire press warning: While it might look choose an strange horseshoe v an exclamation mark inside it, this light in reality depicts a tire v low waiting pressure. If the light is steady, climate one or much more tires might need air. If blinking, climate you should have the auto inspected through a certified Ford technician.

• Service engine soon: Most of united state who have actually been driving because that a couple of years are familiar with this dashboard light. But for new drivers, this is one you need to know. It looks choose a motor and can it is in flashing or steady, relying on the issue. If it"s flashing then your engine might be misfiring. Avoid heavy acceleration and also deceleration and also get come an authorized Ford dealer immediately. If the irradiate is steady, then another breakdown may have emerged that have to be inspected through a technician.

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• Traction and also Stability Control: The vehicle shape with two bent lines beneath it will flash when the Traction and Stability control system is active. Continue with caution until traction is regained. If the irradiate is steady, then a failure has occurred and also the Ford Escape demands to be inspected by a technician.

Does her Ford Escape need Service?

We hope this Ford escape dashboard light overview taught you about some the the indicator and warning lights the you might see when driving. If we didn"t cover the details light the you"re see or if girlfriend think your Ford Escape requirements servicing for any type of reason, chauffeurs in the Los Angeles, long Beach, and Downey area can contact us at share Reeves Ford Superstore in Cerritos. You have the right to even schedule a company appointment online.