What walk Aliya mean?


as a girls" name is pronounced AH-lee-ah, ah-LEE-ah. It is that Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Aliya is "exalted, sublime". Made popular by late singer Aaliyah.STARTS v Ali-

ASSOCIATED with exalted


VARIANTS Aaliya, Aaliyah▲, Alea, Aleah▲, Aleana, Aleea, Aleeyah, Aleigha, Alia▲, Aliah▲, Aliyah▲, Aliye, Allia, Alliah

CREATIVE FORMS(female) Abiya, .. (male) Alinan, .. Center NAME PAIRINGSAliya Hannah (A.H.), ..

How famous is Aliya?

Aliya is an unusual offered name because that women. Aliya is an unexplained last name as well for all people. (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Aliya entered the perform in 1994 and also reached its height position of #599 in the U.S. In the year 2012, and is currently at #915. (TOP infant NAMES, 2018)



Which version is better?

Popular related creates of Aliya (#915 THE ahead YEAR) room Aaliyah (#65), Aliyah (#160), Aleah (#553), Alia (#659), Aliah (#1108), Aleigha (#1541), Alea and Aleeyah. Fostering of these connections of Aliya to be at the apex 6 years back (USAGE the 0.57%) and is somewhat lower today (USAGE 0.43%, 25% LESS). The many trendy bear names in this compilation are Alia, Aliah, Aleah, Aliyah and Aaliyah.

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Similar Names

Aliya is pronounced similarly to Aila▲, Alah, Alaia▲, Alayah▲, Aley, Ali▼, Alie, Alla, Alli▼, Allie, Ally▼, Alya, Ayla▲, Eila, Ela, Elia▲, Ella, Ellia, Ili, Illa, Illia, Ola▼, Olla, Ulla and also Yuliya. Other argued similar-sounding names are Adia, Adila, Adira, Adiva, Alaida, Alala, Alayna▲, Albia, Albina▼, Alcina, Aldina, Alica, Alida▼, Alidah, Aliena, Alika, Alima, Alina▲, Alis, Alisa▼, Alisha▼, Alissa▼, Alista, Alita, Alitza, Aliza▲, Alize▼, Allina, Aloha, Aloma, Alvina▼, Alvira, Alvy, Alysa▼, Alyza, Alzina, Ameliya, Amita, Amiya▲, Amiyah▲, Aniya, Ariya▲, Asya, Atifa, Auina, Avia, Aziza, Daliya, Maiya and also Siliya. These names often tend to be an ext frequently used than Aliya.