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Toketemu has actually been multimedia storyteller for the last 4 years. She expertise concentrates primarily on mental wellness and women’s health topics.

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What does Eric Mean?

Eric is a commonly masculine surname that means “forever ruler” or “always ruler.” that an Old norse name acquired from the Norse indigenous “Eirikr” which method “sole ruler” or “ever powerful”. When the surname Eric can be traced come Norse origins, several cultures and also traditions additionally lay insurance claim to the name. 

In ancient Germanic, that was one of the most usual names for boys. Throughout Denmark, Norway, and Sweden several kings and also members that royalty have actually been offered the name Eric. One of the earliest bearers that the original form of the surname was Eirikir inn Rauda who was likewise known as Eric the Red. He to be a 10th-century traveler who uncovered Greenland. 

Although Eric is historically a boy’s surname it have the right to be offered to a son of any type of gender. However, feminine variations prefer Erica and Erika are generally preferred for girls. Eric is also a short form of the surname Frederick. Eirikir is comprised of 2 elements, “ei” which method "always or ever," and “rikr” which means "ruler."

Origin: Eric is an Old vikings NameGender: when Eric is typically given to boys, you can provide the surname to babies of any kind of gender Pronunciation: Air-rik

Although countless baby names room separated by gender, Verywell family members believes that sex go not should play a function in your name selection process. It’s essential to select a name that you feeling suits your brand-new baby the best.

How popular is the name Eric?

Although Eric has actually been a historically well-known name in plenty of regions of Europe, the hasn’t constantly been a renowned name in regions like America and also England. In the 19th century, it proficient a surge in popularity. This can partly be attributed come the popular of the children’s novel “Eric, or little by Little” created in 1858 by Fredric william Farrar.

According come 2020 data indigenous the Social security Administration, Eric is the 198th most typical name for boys in the joined States. Eric appreciated the many popularity in the United says from the mid-sixties come the so late eighties. In those years it continued to be consistently top top the optimal 25 perform of most popular names because that boys. The peak of the popularity remained in 1970. In that year, 23,574 babies were named Eric. Eric is no longer as renowned as it to be a couple of years ago, yet it continues to be a solid an option for a infant name. 

name Variations

Eric has several name variations indigenous languages and also cultures all across the world. Some of the most usual of castle include: 

Arick (English)Eerick (Estonian)Eirik (Norwegian)Eirikur (Icelandic)ErichErick (English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Slovene, Norwegian) Erico (Portuguese) Erikas (Lithuanian) Erkki (Estonian)Eryk (Polish) Jerrik (Danish) 
Alexander BrandonCalebCedrick Christopher DerekEthan EvanGarrettIanJeffrey Matthew Nicholas Owen Robert RussellSean

suggested Sibling name

Wondering what sort of sibling names would certainly pair an excellent with Eric? here are some names you can consider: 

Famous human being Named Eric

Eric is a an excellent name because that babies of any type of gender. If you’ve chose to name her baby Eric, here are some famous and also inspiring world who are additionally named Eric. 

Eric Andre, American comedian Eric Bana, Australian actor Eric Bazilian, American singer, and also songwriter Eric Burdon, English singer, songwriter, and also actor Eric Clapton, English guitarist, and also songwriter Eric Gordon, American professional basketball player Eric Hutchinson, American singer, and also songwriter Eric Lange, American actor Eric McCormack, American actor Eric Nam, Korean-American singer and songwriter Eric Prydz, sweden DJ, and also producer Eric Schmidt, previous CEO of Google Eric Staal, Canadian hockey player Eric Welsh, brothers chemist, and naval intelligence officer Eric Yuan, founder, and also CEO the Zoom video clip Communications 

Erik is the most typical variation of the name Eric. If you space considering this form of the name, right here are a few famous people also named Erik

Erik Gustaf Boström, previous Prime Minister of Sweden Erik Breukink, netherlands racing cyclist Erik Durm, German footballer Erik Estrada, American actor Erik Johnson, American hockey player Erik Kynard, American high jumper Erik Satie, French composer Erik Zabel, German cyclist 

Still in search of the perfect baby name? examine out these associated baby name lists because that even an ext options:

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