Sea tortoise symbolizes longevity, peace, grounding, old wisdom, and emotional strength.

Turtle carries the civilization on that back, ground connection it where it goes.

Turtle is determined and also persistent together it progressively moves on land, stability evolving physically.

By slowly down and pacing you yourself you deserve to endure the chaos the life’s change cycles with ease.

Turtle moves promptly through water, discovering to navigate the sensitivity come others’ emotions.

At times it have the right to feel prefer an emotional tsunami together you navigate with the deep waters of the world’s emotions.

By practicing non-attachment, you deserve to be at tranquility with your own path and appreciate all elements of yourself.

Keeping a steadfast mental will carry confidence and calm to her emotional state, and also peace and also acceptance come your unique path.

-Tanya Casteel

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I want to hear about your Sea tortoise experiences. What stories or dreams have actually you had? you re welcome share and also join in the conversation below!



My mother unexplainingly associates mine 2 month old boy with a sea turtle. He to be born premature birth with numerous many issues. She cant describe why, however thats her infant sea tortoise ❤


Hello, i dreamt the sea tortoise that had actually a spiral drawing lit on your back, in mine dream i was Swimmimg through the current and also was told it was rare to view the “illuminated turtles” when suddenly they appeared below me lock were more than 2


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