It can occur anywhere. Whether you’re driving on Springhill way or top down route 90 ~ above your means to work, girlfriend never understand when an alarm is walking to pop up in your Nissan. So, what need to you do when it does?

If there’s a irradiate shining shining on your dashboard, the first thing you’ll should do is number out what that means. To aid you and drivers all over Mobile, Prichard, and Saraland cracked the password on what these symbols indicate, the service team in ~ Nissan of mobile is here with every little thing you should know around Nissan dashboard lights.

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Common Nissan Dashboard price Meanings

Here’s a closer look at at few of the most usual warning lights and indicator lights you can uncover in her Nissan.

Nissan Dashboard Warning Lights

A warning irradiate is precisely what that is—a warning! As among the earliest signs of potential power problems, store an eye out for this red or yellow lights. Make certain your vehicle is obtaining the maintain it demands to keep you safe and on your way.

Anti-locking Brake system (ABS) Warning Light


If you’re driving to work and also suddenly watch the letter “ABS” either inside a one or by themselves, her Anti-lock brakes may be malfunctioning.

Brake Warning Light


The warning light for her brakes can show up in among two ways. First, it deserve to pop increase as the word “BRAKE.” that could likewise appear together an exclamation suggest inside a circle, surrounding by a pair of parentheses. Usually, you’ll see the brake warning light activate when the parking brake is engaged. You’ll additionally see that whenever your vehicle is low on brake fluid.

Charge Warning Light


Shaped prefer a automobile battery, this dashboard symbol allows you know when the charging device isn’t working correctly.

Engine Oil pressure Warning Light


When oil pressure is also low, you’ll view a symbol that looks prefer a dripping oil have the right to shining from your dashboard.

Low Tire push Warning Light


Your Nissan requirements a well-inflated collection of tires to provide the grip and also stability you require in any type of terrain. If one or an ext of her tires is underinflated, you’ll watch what looks choose an exclamation point inside a tires light up on her dashboard.

Master Warning Light


If you’re driving with a loose fuel cap, an open up trunk or door, or low fuel levels, you’ll check out the understand Warning irradiate come on. The master warning light is one exclamation point inside the a triangle.

Indicator lights

Think of indicator lights as tiny heads-up symbols that let you know when a function is in use. Part indicator lights can also aid you remember to buckle up, shut the doors, and slow under to store you safe.

All-Wheel journey (AWD) LOCK Indicator

Drive a Rogue? You might see this light, i m sorry says, “AWD LOCK.” It lets you understand when you’ve selected the AWD LOCK function for qualified handling on stormy roads.

High Beam help Indicator

If her Nissan comes with the put in order High Beam aid safety feature, you might see a environment-friendly light that looks prefer an illuminated headlight with the letter A inside. It comes on whenever it automatically switches from high to short beams.

Hill Descent manage Indicator

Available for Nissan trucks and also SUVs, the Hill Descent regulate system adds peace of mind and also control as soon as going downhill. That is indicator light, i m sorry looks prefer a automobile going down a hill, comes on once the system is on. If the blinks, the system may be disabled. If the doesn’t come on in ~ all when you activate the feature, you may have a malfunction on her hands.

Malfunction Indicator

This Nissan dashboard irradiate looks like an engine. If it’s blinking, there could be an concern with the emission control system under the hood. A stable light shows that her fuel cap may be loosened or missing.

Slip Indicator

Did a little bit of rain make her commute a tiny slippery? If so, you more than likely saw the on slide Indicator light blink. It looks prefer a auto slipping top top the road and lets you understand that the auto Dynamic control system is working to preserve traction and stability.

TOW setting ON Indicator

If you journey a TITAN and also see the word “TOW” popular music up top top the dashboard, it means that the tow mode feature is up and running.

Nissan Dashboard light Guides

A straightforward understanding that the most typical Nissan warning and also indicator lights renders it basic to pinpoint any type of issues occurring under the hood, yet what if you run into a light that’s not listed above? You have the right to consult our in-depth Nissan dashboard light guides, of course!

Every short article will cover all the most essential lights because that your specific Nissan, and also feature-specific indicators and warning lights to assist you understand precisely what your auto is trying to tell you. The more you get to know each symbol, the easier it’ll it is in to know what to do when it does pop up on your dashboard!

Plus, like our list of common Nissan dashboard signs above, our comprehensive guides don’t simply cover what the icon means and what you have to do if the does appear. You’ll discover what the looks like, too, so you can identify that unknown irradiate that’s glowing on your dash.

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A dashboard light can appear at any time. So, if one mister up when you’re driving about Mobile, Saraland, and Prichard, top our guides to discover out what your automobile needs to drive off into the sunset safely and efficiently.

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