3. (Architecture) also called: caisson or lacuna an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling, dome, etc

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coffer - an ornamental sunken dashboard in a ceiling or dome
panel - paper that forms a unique (usually flat and also rectangular) section or ingredient of something
1. chest, case, repository, casket, endowment chest, strongbox, kist (Scot. & north English dialect), treasury, ark (dialect) cross to her garments coffer, she jerked the lid up.
1. funds, finances, reserves, assets, treasury, vaults, means, capital The trouble is the lack of hard currency in the state"s coffers.
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The queen looked approximately her for some spiritual object whereby she could swear, and taking the end of a cupboard concealed in the tapestry, a tiny coffer the rosewood set in silver, and laying the on the altar:
Mazarin opened up the coffer; a knife, extended with rust, and two letters, one of which was stained with blood, alone met his gaze.
In an instant a an are three feet lengthy by 2 feet broad was cleared, and also Dantes could see one oaken coffer, tied with reduced steel; in the center of the lid he saw engraved ~ above a silver- plate, which to be still untarnished, the arms of the Spada family members -- viz., a sword, pale, on an oval shield, prefer all the Italian armorial bearings, and surmounted by a cardinal"s hat; Dantes quickly recognized them, Faria had actually so often drawn them for him.
Three compartments divided the coffer. In the first, blazed piles of golden coin; in the second, were ranged bars of unpolished gold, which own nothing attractive save their value; in the third, Edmond grasped handfuls of diamonds, pearls, and also rubies, which, together they dropped on one another, sounded choose hail against glass.
The coffer when in the house, D"Artagnan dismissed his males with a gracious smile, saying, "Messieurs, you have actually rendered a good service to King Charles II., who in much less than 6 weeks will be king that England.
"Do not go too near with the light," stated the patron Yves; "for together you preferred me, monseigneur, I have placed under the bench that the poop, in the coffer you recognize of, the barrel the powder, and also the musket-charges the you sent out me native the fort."
Athos always carried the key of this coffer around him; but he one day opened it prior to Porthos, and also Porthos was convinced that this coffer consisted of nothing yet letters and also papers--love letters and family papers, no doubt.
The archdeacon had actually just seated himself, by the light of a three-jetted copper lamp, prior to a huge coffer crammed through manuscripts.
Open her Maeonian and also thy Mantuan coffers, with every little thing else has thy philosophic, her poetic, and thy historic treasures, whether through Greek or Roman personalities thou hast preferred to inscribe the ponderous chests: offer me a if that key to all thy treasures, which to thy Warburton she hast entrusted.
The Grogzwig coffers ran low, though the Swillenhausen family had looked upon them as inexhaustible; and also just when the baroness to be on the suggest of do a thirteenth addition to the family pedigree, Von Koeldwethout discovered that he had no means of replenishing them.
Bishop stated he was glad to think that this wide range flowed right into the coffers that a gentleman that was always disposed to maintain the ideal interests of Society.
The plots, in the kingdom, room usually the workmanship the those persons that desire come raise their own personalities of extensive politicians; come restore brand-new vigour come a stunner administration; come stifle or divert general discontents; to fill their coffers through forfeitures; and also raise, or sink the opinion of public credit, as either shall best answer their exclusive advantage.

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