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‘To me, it seemed prefer demented torture, and also not really flattering.’‘They dropped in the gaily lit hall through a flutter prefer demented bird attempting flight.’‘I more than likely looked an ext than a tiny demented, come to think the it.’‘Then the speaker seem to come alive v demented directional droning.’‘As if drunk, or stoned or demented, i jumble everything up, use wrong words or leaving gaps in sentences the trail off to nowhere.’‘Louisa stopped navigating the procedures to rigid at me while ns bounced all around the living room favor a demented idiot.’‘Conversations may be in whispers or, often, in demented shouting contests.’‘If he live to 200, he would never understand females, and the demented way their brain worked.’‘She flailed her limbs and also screamed, looking prefer a negative demented bird.’‘Reaction to the wreck showed an almost demented optimism about the venture.’‘Finally, in ~ the age of 33, the demented fury that drove that on has subsided and also other priorities have kicked in.’‘As earth orbits the sun, the tubes room lashing through space like water native a demented lawn sprinkler.’‘I looked down and saw that he to be eating some demented form of French fries with ketchup squirted everywhere them.’‘It sounds favor an orchestra that demented bassoonists playing at full tilt.’‘Deep set eyes and a long face made the look choose a demented scientist.’‘They host a twisted allure come the more demented members of any society.’‘Not to let one musical layout last because that long, he quickly ditched the guitar, got the mic and also started earlier in through some demented rapping.’
‘The diagnosis that an independent depressive disorder becomes challenging in the demented patient.’
‘High level of impairment is associated with significant depression, in both demented and also nondemented people.’‘On the flip side, cognition has improved in demented or impaired civilization given nutritional support.’‘Others can view such civilization as demented or delusional or megalomaniacal.’‘At this point you may be asking, why it is crucial to train a workforce that will be professionals in taking care of demented residents.’‘But, it might be a difficulty with older, demented patients, or those who space unconscious.’‘Whenever demented patients travel, it is safe to assume your confusion will worsen because that the term of the trip.’‘Until a main ago, he was demented, rigid, incontinent, can not to talk, gulp down or blink his eyes.’‘Polonius insisted that Hamlet had end up being demented, and cautioned Ophelia to keep her distance.’‘Caretakers and also physicians often project emotion of hunger and also thirst ~ above severely demented patient with bad oral intake.’‘Less severely demented patients and black and Hispanic patient were more likely to continue to be in the home.’‘Health care professionals commonly rely top top feeding pipe to supply nutrition to these severely demented patients.’



/dəˈmen(t)əd/ /dəˈmɛn(t)əd/

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Mid 17th century previous participle of earlier dement ‘drive mad’, native Old French dementer or late Latin dementare, indigenous demens ‘out that one"s mind’.