gravelly – covered with gravel; through a harsh, rasping sound: His gravelly voice to be a result of years of heavy smoking.

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b. the or introduce to a phonetic function that differentiate sounds created at the periphery of the vocal tract, as in labial and also velar consonants and ago vowels.
gravely - come a major or severe degree; "fingers so bad frozen they had actually to be amputated"; "badly injured"; "a severely impaired heart"; "is gravely ill"; "was seriously ill"
1. (= seriously) → gravementefive soldiers were gravely injured → cinco soldados resultaron gravemente heridos or heridos de gravedadwe room gravely concerned about or by his decision → estamos muy or seriamente preocupados por su decisión

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(= solemnly) → con gravedad, con seriedadhe nodded gravely → asintió con gravedad
(= severely, seriously) ill, wounded → schwer; gravely
ill patients → schwer kranke Patienten; gravely came to → ernstlich besorgt


<ˈgreɪvlɪ> adv → gravemente, solennementegravely ok → in pericolo di vita
important. A dig responsibility; tomb decisions. Ernstige مُهِم важен tomb vážný, důležitý schwerwiegend betydningsfuld; vigtig σημαντικόςgrave, serio tähtis مهم vakava graveחשוב गंभीर ozbiljan, težak fontos, súlyos penting mikilvægur dig 重要な 중요한 svarbus, rimtas nopietns; svarīgs penting groot; belangrijk, gewichtig viktig, betydningsfull ważki غت،مهم tomb crucial серьёзный vážny pomemben važan viktig, betydelsefull สำคัญ önemli, ciddî 重大的 важливий اہم quan trọng 重大的
2. serious, dangerous. Grave news. Gewigtige, gevaarlike خَطير застрашителен tomb závažný serious alvorlig σοβαρός, ανησυχητικόςgrave, serio ähvardav خطرناک huolestuttava graveרציני गंभीर ozbiljan, opasan komoly serius alvarlegur, hættulegur grave 重大な 심각한, 위험한 rimtas, keliantis nerimą nospiedošs; draudīgs serius ernstigalvorligniepokojący خطرناك، وېروونكى، بيروونكى، ډاروونكى grave grav тревожный závažný resen ozbiljan allvarlig, grav รุนแรง ciddî, endişelendirici 危急的 небезпечний سنجیدہ nghiêm trọng 危急的
3. serious, sad. A dig expression. Stemmige, ernstige جَدّي، وَقور сериозен grave vážný ernst alvorlig; dyster σοβαρός, θλιμμένοςgrave tõsine ناگوار vakava sérieux חָמוּר סֶבֶר अनुदात ozbiljan, tužan súlyos sedih alvarlegur, dapurlegur serio 深刻な 침울한 rimtas, liūdnas bēdīgs; drūms sedih ernstig, somberalvorlig, sørgeligpoważny, ponury غت، جدی tomb serios серьёзный vážny resen tužan allvarlig, dyster เศร้าซึม ciddî 嚴肅的 понурий سنجیدہ ، غمگین trang nghiêm 严肃的
stemmig, ernstig بِجَديَّه، بِوَقار важно gravemente vážně, závažně serious betydningsfuldt; vigtigt; alvorligt; dystert σοβαράgravemente, seriamente tõsiselt به شدت؛ بطور وخیم vakavasti gravement בְּאוֹפֶן חָמוּר गंभीरता से ozbiljno, teško komolyan, súlyosan dengan sedih alvarlega gravemente おもおもしく 엄숙히 rimtai nopietni; nospiedoši; drūmi dengan serius: ernstigalvorligpoważnie په جدى ډول gravemente grav, solemn серьёзно vážne resno ozbiljno allvarligt อย่างร้ายแรง ciddî bir şekilde 重大地 серйозно سنجیدگی سے nghiêm trọng; quan trọng 重大地
The gravity of the instance was clean to united state all. Erns جاذِبِيَّه важност gravidade vážnost, závažnost der serious alvor; tyngde σοβαρότηταgravedad, seriedad tõsidus وخامت vakavuus gravité חומרה, רצינות गंभीरता težina komolyság, súly berat þyngdarafl gravità 重大さ 중대함 rimtumas nopietnība; svarīgums keseriusan ernstalvorpowaga درنښت، اهميت، جديت: تول ( وزن ): دجاذبې قوه gravidade gravitate серьёзность vážnosť resnost ozbiljnost allvar ความรุนแรง ciddiyet 嚴重性 серйозність سنجیدگی tính quan trọng 严重性
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"They invited me once, critical week," Bruno said, very gravely. "It to be to wash up the soup-plates--no, the cheese-plates I typical that was grand enough.
"I might be a baby," stated the Mouse, gravely, as he passed outside through the forest of shins, "but I know tolerably well exactly how to diagnose a volcano."