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‘If her pet dog would truly languish in the wild, together a stray, friend might be able to meet the comparable-life problem without meeting, say, his demands for adequate stimulation, exercise, and contact with other dogs.’‘Aside from every this, a linden tree languishes at the inside edge of the critical dogleg, just at the revolve of the river, impede the direct route come the green.’‘Once again - numerous of those plants may simply languish in your garden"s growing conditions.’‘The 29.5lb predator provided Brockhole"s maintain manager Don hunt a ‘big surprise’ together he uncovered the fish languishing ~ above the lake shore.’‘Hundreds that thousands of animals languish in zoos around the world.’‘Because ar crops, favor potted plants, languish once they"re over-watered, appropriate drainage is crucial aspect of successful farming.’‘His strength over her is such that as soon as he dies her voice collapses, she loses her eminence, languishes, and finally dies herself.’‘Howard didn"t know how long he"d languished, lost in misery.’‘Get it right and also no one notices; gain it wrong and also plants languish and die in boggy beds, huge puddles death lawn, and in the worst instance scenario you wake up to the slap and gurgle that water in the basement.’‘Conversely plants the languish in the too warm summer deserve to survive happy in a shadier place with much more humidity and slightly damper soil.’‘Zoo animals languish far in captivity, showing us nothing of your true herbal behavior.’‘Lawns remained uncut, gardens unweeded and also crops languished in the field.’‘Over time, he languishes and also grows melancholy.’‘The mistletoe is dependence on the apple and also a few other trees, however can just in a far-fetched sense be claimed to struggle with this trees, for if too numerous of this parasites thrive on the same tree, it will certainly languish and die.’‘Thousands of various other sick civilization languishing on transplant waiting lists throughout the country are no so lucky.’‘The potential new species strides ahead up the fitness curve, leave its an ext poorly-adapted predecessors languishing behind, come the allude when they are thrust to extinction.’‘We fade, lose heart, come to be torpid, languish, climate the sap rises again, and also we room passionate.’‘Most that those imprisoned languished right into ill health, plenty of losing their resides due to full disregard.’‘Plants that need moist soil will certainly languish in sandy, dry soil, for example.’‘Animals recorded in inhumane traps will languish not for hours, however for days.’