You’re ready to head toward the hill on your following adventure, yet you’re not sure if your car is equipped to journey safely in snowy or slippery roadway conditions. Fortunately, Toyota offers particular safety attributes such together Traction control that provide assistance once necessary.

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But what specifically is traction control? This feature comes traditional in Toyota’s Star safety and security System, and also some 4-wheel-drive Toyota vehicles come equipped through “A-TRAC” or energetic Traction Control. Traction regulate provides aid when wheel slippage is detected, helping you accelerate safely and also efficiently in slippery conditions.

How go TRAC work?

Your vehicle’s TRAC system works by constantly security the tires, and also when they begin to slip, the TRAC system gives extra traction and grip the is crucial to advice safely and efficiently top top slippery or wet surfaces. The mechanism does this through either using the brakes or slowing down the engine in stimulate to preserve contact between the tires and also the road. This feature is traditional on all Toyota vehicles through the exception of the Yaris iA.

What is A-TRAC?

So, you love off-roading and also you love your Toyota – therefore why not use your all-wheel-drive the way it was designed to be used? A-TRAC means “Active Traction Control” and comes conventional on some of Toyota’s 4-wheel-drive models.

While you need to manually turn this attribute on and off, when it is on, it automatically detects wheel spin and distributes torque between front and rear wheels to suppress unnecessary wheel spin and control skidding. A-TRAC detects as soon as one or an ext wheels have lost traction and also automatically uses the brakes come the wheel v no traction, permitting it come send strength to the wheel with traction.

In order to activate A-TRAC, friend must an initial put your auto in neutral, shift into 4LO and press the “A-TRAC” button.


What happens once A-TRAC is off?

Chances are, did you do it either been in a vehicle, or checked out a vehicle, the has had trouble accelerating from a avoid in certain driving conditions. A-TRAC is basically a more heavy-duty variation of the standard traction control system and also was designed through off-roading in mind. As soon as A-TRAC is rotate off, your vehicle may have actually a more difficult time adapting come off-road conditions, and you will certainly most likely experience an ext wheel spin than once A-TRAC is activated.

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What vehicles come equipped with A-TRAC?

While the A-TRAC mechanism isn’t obtainable on every 4-wheel-drive Toyota, that is obtainable on some. If you someone who enjoys the outdoors, off-roading and also getting her Toyota dirty, you may want come invest in a auto that comes equipped through A-TRAC.