If you are unable to affix to the web with an easy settings, adjust your settings as necessary. Adjust each items as vital for your certain network environment.

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Wired ConnectionWireless
Make a wired link using one Ethernet cable
Make a wireless connection via a wireless LAN

WLAN Settings

Set the SSID that the access point. This setup is available only ~ above PS3™ equipment that are equipped through the wireless LAN feature.


ScanEnter ManuallyAutomatic
Scan because that a nearby accessibility point.Select this setting when you perform not understand the SSID of the accessibility point. The mechanism will recognize nearby accessibility points and also display details on the SSID and security settings.
Specify the access point by entering its SSID manually using a keyboard.Select this setting when you recognize the SSID.
Use the automatic setup feature the the access point.This setting is accessible only in areas where PS3™ equipment that support this feature are sold. Choose this setting when using an access point that supports automatic setup. Follow the on-screen instructions.

WLAN protection Setting

Set an encryption key for an access point. This setup is easily accessible only on PS3™ equipment that are equipped through the wireless LAN feature.


Do not set an encryption key.
Set one encryption key.The encryption key can be gotten in on the following screen. The encryption vital is displayed as a collection of asterisks.

Authentication Setting

These settings are easily accessible only ~ above PS3™ systems sold in Korea and are available only top top PS3™ equipment that room equipped with the wireless LAN feature.


Do not set authentication information.
Set authentication details when making use of public WLAN services.Enter your user ID and also password top top the next screen. Because that details, refer to the details supplied by the general public WLAN company provider.

Ethernet operation Mode

Set the Ethernet data transport rate and also operation method. Usually choose .


Auto-DetectManual Settings
Automatically collection basic settings.
Manually change the Ethernet data transfer rate and also operation method.

IP deal with Setting

Set the an approach for obtaining one IP resolve when connecting come the Internet.


Use the IP address allocated by the DHCP server.You can get in the DHCP server organize name top top the following screen.
Set the IP attend to manually.You can enter values for the IP address, subnet mask, default router and primary and second DNS ~ above the next screen.
Connect come the net using PPPoE.You can get in your user ID and password on the following screen.


Set the DHCP organize name. Usually pick .


Do not SetSet
Do not collection the DHCP host name.
Set the DHCP host name.

DNS Setting

Set the DNS server.


Automatically obtain the DNS server address.
Manually go into the DNS server address.


Configure the MTU value used when transmitting data. Usually pick .


Automatically collection the MTU value.
Specify the maximum dimension of data packets (in bytes) that deserve to be sent in one transmission.

Proxy Server

Set the proxy server to be used.


Do no UseUse
Do not use a proxy server.
Use a proxy server.You can get in the proxy server deal with and port number on the next screen.


Set to allow or disable UPnP (Universal Plug and also Play).


Enable UPnP.
Disable UPnP.

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If set to , interaction with others may be limited when making use of the voice / video clip chat feature or interaction features of games.