What does wilhelm mean?


▼ as a boys" name is pronounce WIL-yum. The is the Old German origin, and also the meaning of william is "determined protector". Native wil an interpretation "will", "desire" and also helm definition "helmet", "protection". For a long time ~ the Norman conquest in ad 1066, three out of four English guys were offered some form of the conqueror"s name, William. Brief forms and also variants came into being through a typical basic definition of "will", "determined", or "resolute". William has remained a imperial name in the UK for nearly one thousand years. The firstborn son of the current Prince the Wales is named William. See likewise Willard. Playwright william Shakespeare; actors Willem Dafoe, wilhelm Hurt, Billy Crudup, Bill Pullman; movie director Wim Wenders; poet wilhelm Blake; author William Faulkner; American Presidents william H. Harrison, william H. Taft, wilhelm McKinley; invoice Clinton.STARTS v Wil-

ASSOCIATED WITH determined (faithful), norman, occupation (victory)


VARIANTS Bill▼, Bille, Billie▼, Billy▼, Guglielmo, Guillaume, Guillermo, Liam▲, Vilhelm, Villem, Wilek, Wiley▼, Wilhelm, Wilhelmus, Wilkes, Wilkie, Wilkinson, Will▼, Willem, Willhelmus, Willi, Williams, Williamson, Willie▼, Willis▼, Willkie, Wills, Willson, Willy, Wilmer▼, Wilmot, Wilmott, Wilson▼, Wim

SEE likewise Bo


FEMININE forms Billie, Willa, Wilmot

CREATIVE FORMS(male) (female) middle NAME PAIRINGSWilliam Jiovanni (W.J.), ..

How famous is William?

William is a really prominent first name for guys (#5 the end of 1220, optimal 1%) and also a an extremely prominent surname because that all human being (#1923 out of 150436, peak 1%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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William got to its peak rank the #2 in the U.S. In the 1910s, and also is currently at #3. (2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS)



Which variation is better?

Bill, Billie, Billy (#845 FROM current DATA), Bo (#575), billy (#752), Liam (#1), Wiley (#1437), Wilhelm, Wilkie, will certainly (#892), Willard, Willem, Williams, Willie (#934), Willis, Willy, Wilmer (#1682), Wilmot and Wilson (#622) room the significant related develops of wilhelm (#3) noted in the optimal 2000. Consumption of these creates of wilhelm was much more pronounced throughout 1900-1909 (ADOPTION the 7.2%) and also is now considerably diminished (ADOPTION 2%, ▼72%), through versions choose William coming to be less fashionable. Bo and also Liam space two that the an ext fashionable baby names in this compilation.

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Similar Names

William▼ is pronounced likewise to Eilam and also Eliam. Other recommended sound-alike names room Cillian▲, Gilam, Gillian, Hallam, Killian▲, Pellam, Wallas, Wallie, Wallis, Waltham, Wickham, Wilkins, Willbur, Willes, Willess, Willet, Willets, Willett, Willey, Williss, Willkes, Willkins (see Wilkinson), Willmar (see Wilmer), Willmer, Wilmar, Windham, Wolfram and also Wulfram. This names have tendency to it is in less frequently used than William.