as I know it, the expression "within 30 days" is the exact same as "in 30 or under days" not "fewer than 30 days." Is this correct?

(I"ve chosen fewer instead of less since days space a quantity that I deserve to count individually, together opposed to having less time or energy for example.)


Within 30 days = You have no much more than 30 days. (By itself this does not clarify as soon as the start day or end date is).

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Within 30 work of the expiration day = You have actually a period of 30 days before the expiration day (inclusive).

You must document the form it during the 30-day period immediately before the expiration date = further clarifies the you must document the kind inside of the 30 work just prior to the expiration date (inclusive).



According come Strunk and also White (Macmillan, 1979, page 51):

Less. Have to not be puzzled with fewer.

Left-hand column: He had actually less men than in the ahead campaign.

Right-hand column: He had fewer guys than in the previous campaign.

Less describes quantity, fewer to number. "His problem are much less than mine" means "His troubles room not so an excellent as mine." "His troubles space fewer than mine, method "His troubles space not so numerous as mine."

The OP"s Question

From a grammar standpoint:

Within 30 days method within any kind of duration of time less than or same to 30 work (measured indigenous some starting point). The followingwould all accomplish the necessity of within 30 days: 1 day,3.14159265358979... Days, 29 days, 29 1/2 days, 29.314159265358979... Days.

Within 30 work or less way exactly the very same thing as within 30 days. The is, the "or less"" is superfluous; the doesn"t addanything.

Within 30 or fewer days method within 30 days, within 29 days, in ~ 28 days, ..., within 1 day. That also way exactly the samething together within 30 days. That is, the "or under days issuperfluous; the doesn"t add anything.

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So, it would seem the within 30 days, within 30 days or less, and within 30 days or fewer mean exactly the exact same thing: within 30 days, i.e., within any type of duration of time less than or equal to 30 days (measured indigenous some starting point).

If one to be to usage in rather than within, the "or less" and "or fewer* matter. Because that example:

In 30 days means "come earlier in 30 days" or "submit the kind in 30 days", i.e., after 30 days have actually gone by.