A bar (also referred to as an overbar) is a horizontal line written above a mathematical symbol to provide it some special meaning. If the bar is put over a single symbol, as in

(voiced "
-bar"), that is sometimes referred to as a macron. If put over multiple icons (especially in the paper definition of a radical), that is known as a vinculum. Typical uses of the bar symbol include the following.

1. The mean


of a collection


2. The complicated conjugate




3. The match

that a set

4. A collection stripped of any type of structure besides order, for this reason theorder form of the set.

In conventional typography, "bar" describes a upright (instead a horizontal) solitary bar such together those supplied to denote absolute value (

) (Bringhurst 1997, p.271).

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Bringhurst, R. The aspects of Typographic Style, second ed. Point Roberts, WA: Hartley and Marks, p.271, 1997.


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