Sean Murray is ideal known for starring together Agent Timothy McGee in NCIS. Though the actor previously showed up in Hocus Pocus, Harts of the West, The arbitrarily Years, and more, his long-running rotate in the primetime procedural has actually made the a family name. His personality has likewise transformed throughout the years — indigenous the geeky trainee to the male with huge leadership potential that — though still boasting his likable nerdy side — has come right into his own. However, has McGee been through the show because the start? 

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Sean Murray NCIS | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

When did Sean Murray sign up with the rest of the cast? has actually he to be on the crime procedural due to the fact that day one, and also what was the initial arrangement for the character? What has he involved offer the series?

Sean Murray join ‘NCIS’ in season 1, episode 7 

Sean Murray join NCIS in the show’s seventh episode, however he previously showed up in Jag. Since NCIS is a Jag spinoff — though going on come boast an ext acclaim 보다 its predecessor — the actor’s appearance wasn’t a large surprise. Sean Murray’s debut NCIS episode was title “Sub Rosa.”

“Sub Rosa” — like most NCIS episodes — adhered to the exact same formula akin come the show’s success: a whodunnit secret mixed through a tiny internal drama and also bonding. Together for the episode’s plot, workers discover a male decomposing body within a north of acid. The team treats the instance as a instance of murder and identity theft. 

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Gibbs and also Kate (who was still approximately at the time) rise aboard the ship, conserve the day, and save the crew native future danger… and all live happily ever after. And, the NCIS agents thrive a small bit closer in tandem— slowly becoming the family members we know them to it is in today. Yet, Sean Murray’s character made his debut — which was simply in place to help support and also construct the episode’s narrative — and he quickly discovered his method into fans’ and the producers’ hearts. 

Sean Murray’s figure in ‘NCIS’ to be not claimed to last 

Producer candid Cardea once explained how Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee came to be a recurring character, as he was an alleged to make one appearance and also bow out. Cardea stated: 

And Sean’s personality McGee was produced as a one-time thing. That was simply going to it is in an episode. He was a local NCIS agent. The chemistry was there native the first episode. A couple of episodes later, Sean became a regular. He’s come to be our rock. And also when we have those difficult dialogue scenes, we give it come Sean.


It have to come as no surprised that Sean Murray’s character automatically proved vital, as he is frequently responsible for transferring heartwrenching or confrontational dialogue. Gibbs is a man of couple of words, Tony was too much of a jokester, and Ziva was always busy in combat. On the various other hand, McGee maintain the compassion, the heart, and also the seriousness essential to “talk things out.” despite his character has transformed throughout the show’s seventeen years, he maintain his interpersonal value, i m sorry the writers still frequently put top top display.