The CW favourite closed the end the season with several unexpected breakthroughs that will offer Mystic falls a operation for the money in season four.

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The Vampire Diaries closed out the season of the Originals with several shocking twisted — consisting of one very large game-changer the may provide Mystic falls a run for the money.

1. Which Salvatore brother did Elena choose? The an option was revealed once Matt do the ultimatum to the indecisive Gilbert, who approximately that point, to be weighing the pros and cons that both being v Stefan (the “good” brother) and also Damon (the “dangerous” one). Through news that the all-powerful Alaric had staked Klaus, that intended time to be of the significance for the vampires due to the fact that of their an alleged bond to Klaus. In the call conversation through Damon, Elena broke the news that she to be heading “home” (aka Mystic Falls) to go to Stefan while Damon to be 100 miles away. “I care around you Damon, i beg your pardon is why I have to let friend go,” Elena says on the phone. It recommendations a similar conversation common in flashback, but Elena to be referring come then-boyfriend Matt. (The Stefan an option was foreshadowed by a dramatic — and some would certainly say, long-awaited — Stelena kiss minutes prior, though it took ar under less certain circumstances.)

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2. Is Klaus yes, really ? We knew there to be no method Klaus can actually be dead. Even if Klaus together we knew that was, there was no means the character would be killed off without major consequences or an unforeseen twist. Sure enough, both occurred in the finale. Despite the Klaus we’ve recognized (in the type of Joseph Morgan) is dead, it to be revealed — and also quite nicely in what truly was a “WTF?!” moment— that Klaus is now in the kind of Tyler. And Bonnie was in on it every along. What walk this average for anyone involved? and who will be the very first to discover out Klaus’ new “identity”?

3. Elena didn’t fulfill Stefan first. throughout the phone conversation Elena had actually with Damon, when she damaged the news that she wasn’t going to him, over there were hints to the pastthat Elena can not have been aware of. As executive producer Julie Plec teased to reporters, over there was an event that took location (not Earth-shattering or game-changing, perhaps) that might potentially transition things because that the 3 mains: Damon, Elena and also Stefan. It to be actuallyDamon who Elena met after she phone contact with she mother and also Aunt Jenna, only there was no way she might ever remember thanks to Damon’s decision to compel she to forget. “What is the that ns want?” Elena asks Damon. “You desire a love the consumes you. You want passion and also adventure and also even a tiny danger,” Damon replies. Understanding nowthat Damon to be the very first Salvatore brothers she met (“can’t let civilization know I’m in town yet,” Damon claims after compelling her), walk it issue at this point? will certainly she even find out?

4. Did Elena simply ? What a way to cap off a season. Not just did Elena force Stefan to conserve her friend Matt, yet Dr. Meredith dropped does something that at some point saves she life — also if it has actually unknown repercussions. In an Avatar-like moment, Elena comes earlier to life after ~ seemingly gift dead. Did she simply turn right into a vampire — or something supernatural-y?!

5. Alaric dies, for genuine this time. After virtually dying in last week’s episode, this time around, Alaric’s death sticks. Despite in Mystic Falls, noþeles (and everything) deserve to happen. What space your think on speak goodbye come the former history teacher?

The episode, “The Departed,” likewise featured some fairly funny quips. Here are few of the many entertaining Damon moments from the episode:

– “Have ns told friend lately how much I evaluate you not being the dumbest brothers on Earth?” — Damon

– “Our life is one big proverbial coin toss.” — Damon

– The funniest scene had Damon chiming in via iphone while Elijah convinced Elena, Matt and Stefan to carry Klaus’ body earlier to him. At one allude during the discussion, Damon jumps in to shoot down Elijah’s plan: “No, no, no, no, no! Did ns mention, no!”

What did you think the the season three finale? to be it every you hope for and more? What are you hoping will be handle in season four?