Naruto: 10 Worst points Sasuke Uchiha Has ever Done couple of characters have actually as turbulent of a journey as Sasuke. Indigenous rejecting love to trying to kill several of his best friends, he clearly has a few issues.

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The Naruto series, that course, focuses mainly on a boy called Naruto Uzumaki and his course to becoming Hokage. However, the anime has a deuteragonist that is also very integral to the main story. His surname is Sasuke Uchiha. The is a member that the Leaf village and also one of the couple of surviving members that the extremely an effective Uchiha clan.

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Even though Naruto and Sasuke developed a solid relationship through each other, the young Uchiha still discovered his method on a path of darkness. If on this path, Sasuke cursed a many crimes and also done a many horrible things that labeled him a criminal because that a lengthy time within the story.

After breaking up a fight between Naruto and also Sasuke, Kakashi made decision that he required to have a serious talk with Sasuke. Realizing that the 2 young ninjas were acquiring out of regulate especially Sasuke, Kakashi hope to have the ability to calm Sasuke down due to the fact that he feel the 2 of castle were rather similar. Kakashi pinned Sasuke come a tree so the the brooding young couldn"t obtain away. Kakashi then told that the severe reality that Sasuke had to learn to abandon this require for revenge.

Consumed by anger, Sasuke back talked his teacher telling him the he have the right to only know exactly how he feeling if every one of his family and also friends died. That is a horrible thing come say to her mentor, but Kakashi countered calmly by saying everyone he once cared around already died.

back in component one the the collection when Naruto was growing in toughness leaving Sasuke in the dust, the brooding Uchiha was approached through Orochimaru"s minions to leave the town in order to obtain greater power. Consumed v a need to be more powerful than Naruto and also to death his brother, Sasuke embraced the offer and also left the village.

Even after ~ Orochimaru assaulted the Leaf village and after type a bond v team 7, Sasuke tho felt it was crucial to leaving the sheet Village. This really shows that throughout that time Sasuke cared much more about his revenge and also power 보다 the friendships the created.

If there are two points that many Naruto pan know about Sakura is that she is annoying and madly love with Sasuke. However, even though the pink-haired ninja can be very annoying at times, the means Sasuke treated she was a little an ext than brutal.

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Sasuke would constantly disregard or shoot excited glares in ~ her, but Sakura never ever stopped fighting for his attention. Eventually, she confessed she love to him trying to convince him to be through her and remain in the village. No saying the Sasuke had actually to accept her love, but he might have put her under a little an ext gently.

7 dealt with Itachi

After becoming significantly stronger, Sasuke was all set to confront Itachi in combat when again. At first, this is anything much more than an inevitable fight, but after Itachi die of his illness, Sasuke lastly learns the truth about Itachi.

Not only did Sasuke fight and weaken his brother who just wanted to protect Sasuke, but he ignored the last post that Itachi tried come bestow to him. Itachi want Sasuke to live to be a hero the the leaf Village, yet instead, Sasuke came to the decision that he should ruin it.

Sasuke planned to attack the sheet Village. Tobi, the guy that called Sasuke the truth about his brother, readily available to provide Akatsuki support to assist Sasuke. However, very first Sasuke and also his team had to aid capture among the Tailed Beasts prior to the deal was i agree upon.

Sasuke agreed to this terms and he and his team came to be temporary Akatsuki members. Throughout this time, Sasuke fought versus the Eight-Tails jinchuriki, Killer Bee. He dealt with with the will to completely damage and also capture the sword-fighting, rap-loving jinchuriki because that the Akatsuki.

5 Infiltrated The Kage Summit

In an attempt to train his visual ability, Mangekyo Sharingan, and rattle the 5 Kages, Sasuke and his small team to be tasked to raid the Kage Summit. The 5 Kages convened in ~ the meeting location to comment on what they would certainly do around the Akatsuki.

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During Sasuke"s raid, he fee his way through the soil of Iron"s safety to gain to the leader of the ninja villages. Sasuke not just ignored Gaara"s plea to abandon his present path that darkness, but he also attacked Raikage, A, causing the Raikage to lose an arm.

during his fight with Danzo, the male that assigned Itachi with the job to kill his clan, Sasuke had to hit the Hokage candidate v all his strength. Eventually, Sasuke to be able to back Danzo into a corner. Through very little options left, Danzo take it Karin together a hostage threatening she life.

At first, it seems that Sasuke has actually a setup to stop Danzo and also ensure Karin"s safety. However, much to Danzo"s surprise, Sasuke simply assaulted straight with Karin to get to Danzo. Sasuke mortally injured both Danzo and Karin with a smile on his face.

3 make the efforts To death Sakura

after the time-skip, team 7 to be reunited when again. Throughout this reunion, Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura admitted to bringing Sasuke back to the village. Sakura do the efforts to to convince Sasuke the she would join him.

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Sasuke is very suspicious that what Sakura"s intentions really are so he decided to put her to the test. To prove she loyalty, Sasuke instructed her to death Karin. However, prior to she could make a choice, Sasuke currently had the will to kill her as he stood behind her. Sakura only escaped this awful fate by being saved by his former sensei, Kakashi.

After beating Kaguya, Sasuke made decision once again to walk forward through his own goals. Sasuke to plan to destroy the systems of the past to make for a far better future. In order come this, Sasuke took everyone by surprise and also used the strength of the Rinnegan and Mangekyo Sharingan to control the Tailed Beasts.

The Tailed Beasts spent most of their lives being imprisoned in jinchuriki. Then, the Tailed Beasts were required into the Gedo Statue. During the 4th Ninja War, Naruto made tranquility with the other Tailed Beasts. So it was, unfortunately, to view Sasuke unwillingly subjugate the Tailed Beasts as soon as again.

1 tried To kill Naruto

Naruto and Sasuke have been with a lot. They faced a ninja war, Madara, Obito and also even the mother of chakra, Kaguya. Also after all the instances that the two overcame together, the fight between Naruto and also Sasuke to be still inevitable. At the end of the journey, Sasuke pertained to the conclusion that he wants to it is in Hokage.

However, unlike any kind of other Kage, he thought that he essential to kill the Kages and Tailed Beasts in order come erase the darkness of the past. Of course, this is a decision the didn"t sit well through Naruto. Together a result, the two had their final battle. If Naruto still combated to save his friend, Sasuke fought Naruto through the intention of killing the hyperactive ninja.

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