Red-eared sliders are renowned beginner turtles as they room cute and also easy come keep. But, numerous first-time keepers battle to feeding them a proper diet.

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Many world know the turtles eat vegetables and also meat. Yet, they carry out not know that the portions of vegetables over meat you have to feed must adjust as they grow.

In this article, we comment on what red-eared sliders eat and also share the best foods, feeder fish and also diet.

We also share usual feeding mistakes, overfeeding and why you must not power feed. Ultimately we provide some advice on why a red-eared slider diet is various for a baby than adult, and how to feed them…

Table the Contents

Red-Eared Slider DietRed-Eared Slider FoodCommon Feeding Mistakes

What execute Red-Eared Sliders Eat?

Turtles are really smart and also quickly find out when it is time to be fed.

Turtles and many other pets tend to move slower after ~ eating, for this reason regurgitating food in order come escape much more quickly is a common tactic.

Red-eared sliders might regurgitate their food if they are handled too quickly after eating. Because that this reason, you have to wait five hours after ~ feeding before handling. This will provide your tortoise time to digest that food.

Five hrs should be sufficient so the your turtle will no longer feel vulnerable.

Red-eared sliders can also be susceptible to overeating.

If her turtle weighs an ext than 6 pounds, that is probably eating too much. Other indicators of obesity incorporate lethargy, bloating, or covering disfigurements. Obesity causes many health issues, consisting of fatty liver disease, love issues, diabetes, and also arthritis.

You should additionally never power feed a slider. Power feeding can reason a host of wellness issues and obesity. Strength feeding is purposeful overfeeding generally done by irresponsible breeders so that they deserve to sell or breed their turtles as easily as possible.

Many first-time keepers think the you should move your tortoise to an additional enclosure to feeding them.

The idea is that your turtle will certainly not associate her hand reaching into the tank v feeding, however this is a myth. It does have actually the advantage of maintaining the key tank’s water cleaner, yet it is basic to remove any type of uneaten food and use a tank filter.

Moving a turtle to a different enclosure to feed them causes unnecessary stress and should be avoided anytime possible.

Foods They can not Eat

The diet because that a red-eared slider must be varied, however there room some foods that should be avoided.

One food you need to avoid is any kind of member of the Brassica family. This has broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and bok-choi. In excess, these foods items can cause kidney problems and also interfere through calcium absorption.

You should additionally avoid foods items like radishes (they save on computer goitrogens), soybeans, avocado, dairy, any foods high in fat and any human food. All of these foods items can make her pet turtle sick with diarrhea.

Here is our complete list of foodstuffs you should avoid feeding a slider turtle:

BroccoliCabbageBrusselBok-choiRadishesSoybeansAvocadoDairyFood high in fatHuman foodWild captured prey


Red-eared slider turtles space omnivores, for this reason they will certainly eat both plant and also animal matter. However, as they age, they need less protein.

Adults must be fed a diet of 30% meat or protein and also 70% tree matter, and also babies need to be fed a 50/50 diet the plants and also meat.

Good tree to feeding red-eared sliders room dark irpari greens, aquatic plants, and vegetables. Feeder fish, invertebrates, and commercial turtle pellets are good sources the protein.

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Make certain your tortoise is additionally getting a calcium complement at least once a week and is no being taken on after feeding.